Why you are still not making profit – Secret revealed

Why you are still not making profit – Secret revealed

Do you know how to find the affiliate programs that really work

I can tell you handful of programs that work great

You try to find the best affiliate program yourself on ClickBank, JV Zoo or Warrior.com as well

But I know you will then spend too much time on research 

And forgot to take action

I want you to do later – taking action; therefore, I recommend you this

Read an example of one such program

However, today, if you are curious, I am going to show you how I find it for you

So you get my privacy training plus save you tons of time

So you don’t have to be like me research from 7 am to 10 am daily

There are so much things that you will need to do.

Such as these 13 steps:

Step1: Go to the ClickBank and other 2 different affiliate websites

Step2: Find the commission that is 60% or more. 

Over the year, I have reached the conclusion

There isn’t worth the time if your commission is 60% or less. You need to count your cost

Step3: There is an exception like the product is high sales price like $200 and above.

The 50% commission isn’t bad.

Step4: Find those with Recurring billing. It provides you passive income.

Step5: Find a high gravity rating program. That means that lots of affiliates are making sales

Step6: Find the product sales page: Low gravity is not necessary unprofitable.

Every new product must start somewhere. You can dig a bit on sales page to see if it has potential.

Then, you want to check the sales copy. A lengthy sales copy is better than the short one that doesn’t cover enough.

Example of Good Affiliate Program

This program has it all: a great gravity, a 75% commission, and a high sale price.

Example of Bad Affiliate Program

In contrast, this product has a very low gravity, low commission, and low sale price; if you were to view the sales page you’d also see it’s fairly short and not that convincing.

Step7: Between 9 am to 10 am, Check the CPA program. CPA stands for Cost per Acquisition. 

CPA pay commission for each action rather than each sale.

CPA pays you when each email address capture, some will require name and zip code and address.

Step8: Check good CPA program such as Zip code offer. 

Why? Because it is easy. People enter a zip code and you got paid per click.

Step9: Check if CPA commission over $1. 

There are plenty of them paying 0.20 per acquisition/clicks but they won’t cover your cost of running a traffic

Step10: Check if the CPA has an unrestricted promotion. 

Some program looks great but only allow you to promote through email.

You have more option to promote the program if there is no restriction.

Step11: Research on the Physical Product program. Find something that you can earn $40 per sales.

If a product retailing at $2500, you would want to earn a 2% commission ($50) on each sale.

(Note: These are  the opportunity that you just don’t want to miss! )

Step12:  Look for to see if the market has healthy competition (that’s a good thing), but still  has room to grow

There are lots of competition in the market

But there is nothing wrong with the competition

That means the product is hot.

For example, a search on “dog training” – a market we know to be highly profitable – reveals dozens of Google Per Per Click (PPC) ads, and many are clearly affiliates.

On the other hand, a search for “face painting” brings up only five ads – and only one of these appears to be an affiliate.

This suggests that the face painting market is either undiscovered or unprofitable – almost definitely the latter!

Step13:  Look to see if there are multiple quality products to promote to the market

Using the free WordTracker (or similar tool), your next step is to check up on the number of niche search terms for the market.

A good market has plenty of niche search terms with relatively little competition – for example, the game ‘World of Warcraft’ is very popular over the globe. It’s a market with a lot of affiliates, but there are also literally hundreds of niche search terms:

Similarly, competition is intense in the dog training market for that keyword phrase, yet there are plenty of niche terms with low competition such as:

‘stop pit bull aggression’

While not strictly necessary, it can be handy if there are several quality affiliate programs within the market that you can promote, especially if you wish to build a list.

In a market with multiple affiliate programs, such as the dating market, you could promote “How to Attract the Opposite Sex” for two weeks, and then switch to “How to Gain Self Confidence”. A few weeks later and you could offer ‘How to Start Conversations’.

If you can do the Step 1 to 13, you will be the superman. 

Or you can just check my daily email, don’t unsubscribe it, and check out the program I recommend that day

Such as this one. 

Open the link and see!


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