Another Great Blog From Igor:

Here’s why I’m never going into Amazon dropshipping.

One of my friends started a business buying used books and reselling them on Amazon. She landed her very first customer. But it turns out it was one of those douchebag clients who complains no matter how much you try to please them.

Package arrives in the mail.

Customer doesn’t like it because of some stupid reason and asks for a refund.

My friends refunds the guy.

And let’s him keep the product.

What does Mr. Douchebag do?

Instead of saying thanks for such a courteous customer service, he leaves a nasty 1 star review on my friends Amazon profile. And since my busdy didn’t have many reviews at that point, sales dropped like a fat lady without a parachute.

This is why I love marketing digital opportunities.

No fulfillment headaches.

No shipping costs.

For the most part, the sales you make are pure profit.

And best part – you don’t have to suck up to douchebag prospects.

Quite the opposite – you can (and should) repel them through setting up additional barriers to entry.

This way you not only keep the tire kickers out.

But you also increase compliance.

And skyrocket sales.

That’s exactly what I do for you with my new risk-free traffic source.

I pre-qualify the bejezuz out of cold traffic from a virgin source, cherry pick the hottest (and most compliant) prospects and put your affiliate link in front of them to sign up.

Details here