Why and How to Wake Up at 5 am

Why and How to Wake Up at 5 am


I normally sleep at 12 am and wake up at 6:30 am. I then drive to work at 7:00 am and arrive at the office at 8:00 am. During the weekend I often sleep until 10 am to 11 am. But that is not helping me in any area. I have the goal set up year after year and I wasn’t able to accomplish many of my goals. Most of my waking time, I felt lazy and none productive.

I decide to wake up 5 am a few months ago and this is not because I love to be a morning person. Instead, I love to achieve my goals. If you are like me, somehow, feel have to do all the stuff at night and wake up as late as possible, then you can use the method I mention below to sleep and wake up a little bit early. You will see your productivity increase.

Why I do it?

The main reason that I decide to wake up early because I felt I am the number one and get more things done, while rest of the family still sleep in the early morning and the house is quiet.

You know every day I arrived home at around 7 pm and I was exhausted. I normally force myself to continue work on my freelance job with my blog and writing until 1 a.m. That works but all my other goals are going nowhere year after year. When I start to wake up early few month ago, I feel that I have a solid two hours to do what I need to do and never get the chance to do it, like exercise, and writing landing page like this. Using this method help me to publish my first book Sign Up Into Profit as well.

Actually, a while ago, Business Insider featured 27 CEOs and leaders who wake up early and look at their success story that inspires me. That’s why I decide to do this.

Here is how I do it?

Below are some methods helping me to become more productive and I believe will help you to achieve your goal faster too. Since using this method, I felt like I complete the tasks quicker and more effectively in my daily work. Here they are as follows:

1. I take a shower to refresh myself and set alarm at 5 am. Then I withdraw from any electronic devices at least 1 hours, so to me is at 10 pm, before I go to sleep at 11 pm.

2. I review my goal and schedule my action tasks the night before. Instead of watching my favor program at Youtube, I review my goals or read books. I will also write my goals couple time on my note book. Then I will schedule down my next days’ routine and put it on my desk. At 11 pm, I go to sleep and think about my goals and schedule for the next day.

3. When the alarm on, actually it’s my cell phone, at 5 am, I don’t hit snooze, so I don’t give myself excuses sleeping a little bit more. I take a deep breath 3 times on my bed and stand up thinking (or saying – how do I feel exciting today? how am I feel grateful today? ) my goals that help me feel excited, then take the cell phone and slowly walk away from the bedroom and go to my desk (or you can just go to somewhere away from your bed like the kitchen area).

4. Then I will prepare my exercise routine and listen to my sub-minimal, watch youtube or audio book CD when I am doing exercise. It is the time to build the endorphins, a chemical in the body to help you overcome the frustration and stress, that you need for the day. I often just do 45 minutes jogging either on the treadmill or running outside neighborhood.

5. After a quick shower, I start writing then prepare to go to work, and normally be at the office at 8 am.

That’s how I do it. I know everyone is different but I just want to share mine with you. If you have any suggestion, please let me know. Thank you very much.

Best Regards,
Paul Fan

p.s. This is a strategy that helps me earlier.


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