When did I stop learning?

When did I stop learning:

Growing up, I loved learning.

I felt accomplished every time I understanding something or getting to understand it, by progressing towards some goal and getting recognized for it. This is path become to build my personality of finding out problem and to solve it.

On year 36 of my life, the only measurement I have was of the success in my bank account. With over 360,000 cash, and house paid off, I was very happy back then. Then couple of unexpected problems arise in just few of my real estate investment, and market crash, then within just one year later, I lost my investment property to foreclosure and I lost all my saving and my house as well.

Gone are the days of real estate investing, I was an employee again. I do couple of odd job selling home security system by door to door knocking on various neighborhoods ever afternoon, and teach community college student computer at the local college, then become a software engineer again at Fortune 500 companies, it seems to other people, I have recovered, but to my self, I was in the jail.

That’s why early this year, I decide to make a change, not for me but to God that I can do it again. I have studies the online marketing religiously and spend 4 hours every night to write the eBook, Sing Up INTO Profit, and create the information product. It was hard but I know I have to be done.

Christian Praise

A month ago I was working from home because feeling of not so well, then suddenly I felt cold and dizzy and have to call my wife to take me to the hospital. I know I spent lots of time on the internet business and take very few care of myself during the past year.

But when I write the email to you, I felt totally connect with you. It is my passion to show you and to share with you how it can be done. How any normal people can create a 6 digit income in 6 months if following the correct step by step instruction. That’s why I was sending you long email for the past few days trying to know you and provide you more information if you need any.

As one of my coach Noah Kagan said, books are good, online classes are nice, but what has a real impact for me is being accountable and learning from someone. Get a coach who you can truly learn from. There’s a reason historically that all the great masters of the past were apprentices for a long time.

Coaches and learning cost money.

Each college lesson cost money.

But it’s only when you stop using the word COST and start using the word INVEST do you start to recognize the value of growing yourself.

The moment you stop learning, is the moment you stop growing.

Book I’m reading lately

Replay by Ken Grimwood. This book was introduce by Noah Kagan to me. He said it is one of the best I’ve read this decade and I’m shocked I haven’t heard of this book before. Seriously, go read it if you like good fiction books.

Truly Yours,
Paul Fan

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