What we all do wrong on blogging and 7 Steps to cure them?

What we all do wrong on blogging and 7 Steps to cure them?


Blogging is one of most important conversion tool that top producer normally uses, beside the social media, in their on-line marketing.  People consumes the particular content from you and that eventually and inevitably lead to a relationship and that will definitely build the long term trust between you and your readers. Of course, if you are not a writer, you can also outsource your blogging post out to a firm or freelancers. Most importantly, your blog should be blended into your personal brand. What I mean is that you need to make sure you have a domain name of your name of a good niche keyword strong name that representing your business. Don’t use the keyword that cannot auto populate on the Google search engine. In additional, please remember, your blog is not an article mills, I am trying to say is that it is ok to have your own idea and personal opinion blended into your blog. Please want to see your opinion not your thesis in the blog. That’s enough for a summary.

Let’s break it down a little.

First, Blogging is all about your communication with your own unique personal personality. Don’t be afraid of that people will not like you and will judge you. Remember, this is just a personal opinionated blog. If some people like you and some don’t, that ok and that show that you are successfully attract people that you want to attract. On the contrary, you must be very afraid that if your blog lack of unique-ness to the readers and your readers are indifference to your blog. Therefore, you should build your brand at the very beginning. Your brand show your personality. So I always recommend anyone own their own domain name when it comes to blogging, even for the newbie. Please don’t get a free blog domain. You want to start it right.

Second, you blogging is not an Article, or a Thesis even though you are professor or reach scientist. Otherwise, you are missing out something, the connection. I am trying to say is that blogging is not a business writing. Blogging is more about your personal communication with your unique personal feeling and emotion with your personal tone with your readers. It’s like your figure print that is so unique that other cannot mimic. It contains your own opinion and your emotion about how you looking at the things of this world. This is your chance to let your personality shine up in front of the public and at the same time, allow it to become your personal marketing tool through your personal blog. You will probably find your best quality leads are all coming from your own personal blog. Why? It is because they know who you are and now, they finally trust you through your blog. And it is because your opinion builds the strong trust relationship.

Third, there are lots of blogging platforms out there but the WordPress is the easiest one to use and easiest one to find the support and get help. There is a little bit learning curve though combination of setup the domain name, host it, and add the right plug-ins, automation your blog, and everything related to it. But you can outsource those tasks out to someone who you can trust and do this for you. If you can trust me, I love to serve you and make you success faster in this field.  I can setup everything for you even though you have a small budget. This is my return gratitude to you for coming to my blog.  I would like to have the privilege of becoming your coach and friend to make you a winner in the on-line marketing. If you are interested, please stop by my websites http://unlimited-traffic-system.com/signup/ and choose UTS – Auto-Pilot package. Please also send me an email at Paul@unlimited-traffic-system.com if you have any questions.

Fourth, your blog is really like a real estate which is a long term asset for you to connect with people. Therefore, you want to post the article consistently. If you don’t have time to write, you can also hire people from fiverr.com to help you to write the blog post. As mentioned earlier, when it comes to write the blog, you want to have emotional touch on your writing, story, and make sure the reader connects with you through your words. You also want to have your blog focus on a particular niche. You don’t want to write just everything in the blog. Choose one topic and focus on that topic. You can create a new blog website if you have more than one niche. Again, it is ok to add your personality and your opinion in your blog article. Also, people follow people not just your content; therefore, you want to show that you are helpful, and truly care about your reader and can also provide the value. You just want to make sure you link your good spirit to your readers through your personalized writing. Some of your best buyers all comes from your blogs.

Fifth, although paid traffic has the highest return of investment, but blog could be a low cost and free advertisement for you in the long run. To make your blog even better, please make sure your blog is able to connection hubs for all different kind of people. What I mean is that everyone learns differently, so you want to add videos, mp3, images, and infographic to your blog site to cater everyone’s need. You don’t have to put all videos, images, mp3 and all the stuff in one article, but just make sure you have one of these components in a blog, don’t just simply add text to the blog, that’s what I mean.

Sixth: Blog frequency is very important too. But the consistency is somehow, I believe, more important than the frequency. I mean that you should post your blog consistently but how often is fine. You need to make sure your blog post is high quality, period. Remember that high Quality over high Quantity is rule of thumb because you want to attract best readers and increase yours google ranking at the same time. Talk about Google ranking, you want your reader to share your blog post, correct? Then, the easiest way is to make sure the blog is excellent, so naturally your readers would love to share them with their friends and their social circle; therefore, your blog site will be ranked higher by Google.

Finally, you much focus on monetizing your blog. You need to make sure you have auto responder’s form setup in your blog and that help you collecting the subscriber’s information. Few good Auto Responder tools such as Aweber: http://goo.gl/5Pw5eb or Get Response: http://goo.gl/7QAkzL are excellent tools for you, and I have both tools. You can also use the Google AdSense, or exchange the banner ads with other likeminded people, or add YouTube videos to monetize your YouTube account and at the same time monetized your blog website. You can also add the affiliate products to your blog as well. The best way is to promote the affiliate product in your blog is by creating a teaching or education article that add value and at the same time provide the link to your affiliate offers. Again, if you need help to setup your complete blog site, and have all element mentioned here done for you plus more, please visit my websites http://unlimited-traffic-system.com/signup/ or email me at Paul@unlimited-traffic-system.com . God bless. Paul Fan https://youtu.be/Ek6aTVCkE6g

God bless,

Paul Fan

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