What is Solo Ads and How to Success in It and avoid Pitfall?

To success in this business, you need people to look at your offer. My mentor told me if I can have 100 people look at my offer every day, I will never ever need a 9 to 5 job again.

How to get the people to look at your offer? There are two ways to do that. One is free, and another is paid. Free method is to use the social media like facebook, youtube etc. to generate traffic. The paid traffic is banner ads, pay per click or solo ads.

Today I am going to show you the most cost effective traffic method – Solo ads. You can watch the video here too.

Someone uses their established email lists to promote your product/affiliate offer/private label right product. Solo Ads is relative popular for the past 5 years and today, it is still very popular. It produces lots of producers in this online money making industrial as well.
Who is the owner of Solo Ads?

Owner and Broker all could be the owner of the Solo Ads. Broker is the person who don’t own the email list but function as the middle man for the owner and you. Udimi is a Solo Broker (https://udimi.com/a/qgn5v).
How they promote your product?

Solo Ads is based on the email lists. You can write your own swipe or the owner (seller) can write it for you in their solo campaign. Your product opt-in page link will be in their email campaign and visitor can click the link and see your opt-in page.

What is the two most important parts in their email?
1. Subject: Grab the visitor attention
2. Body: Engaged body information lead to call of action

What is the Risk about Solo Ads?
1. Trash list by purpose from bad owner/ broker?
2. Or just crappie lists by accident from good owner / broker?

I believe 90% of solo owner/ brokers are good but there are some bad one out there.
What solo ads you use before and can recommend?

I only can recommend few of them as of this writing as follows:


What kind of solo owner and broker you should look for?
If I sell a new running shoe, I want to find someone has a huge list of runners and athletic.
In our business, since we are promoting making money online, we want to make sure the solo owners have a huge list of the entrepreneur, on-line markers and etc. list.

What to know if the solo owners are good or not?
1. Good solo owner is someone know how to maintain their list and keep the correct boundary by not over promoting and become scam. They are someone who can teach you in and out of this business. They are someone who also make millions in the on-line business.
2. Good solo ads owner should be able to filter out those who are interested in your product and those who are not interested and segment them and provide you the best clean list. They should also can guarantee you the percentage of opt-in up front. 30% opt-in rate guarantee is minimum.
3. A good solo ads owner will also tell you upfront that what types of products is best to promoted in his/her list. In another words, the owner of solo should let you know what kind of list and what kind of traffic you can get so you have good expectation.

Finally, Solo ads can be sold by the click, by leads or by buyers. By the clicks is cheaper and by the buyers is more expensive. But you want to count the ROI – Return on Investment on each campaign, instead of the individual cost. If you make money, even though it is 1.5 per click, for example, it is still an investment. If you lose money, even though it is 0.5 per click, for example, it is still a cost.

So my recommendation is that you always want to test it before you buy more again. Just order 200-500 click from the solo owner, and ask them to provide you the statistics. Most of them use the click magic to track the CPC – cost per click. You can get your own clickmagick.com account as well.

At the end, please make sure your opt-in page, sales page and auto responder all set up correct before you start the solo ads.
That’s it.

To your success.
Paul Fan

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