What inspired me to offer a risk-free guarantee on my new traffic source

My friend Igor said People tend to cling to the familiar and fear novelty.

Even if the new thing improves their lives.


When the elevator was first invented 150 years ago, no one wanted to use it. The thought of climbing into a small box suspended by a string over 100+ feet of air freaked the crap out of people.

Isn’t it curious how people act the same way about biz opps?

They want to make money but they’re afraid to get on board, right?


Back to the elevator story.

A smart young pup – Mr. Elisha Otis – hatched this fine plan:

At the 1854 fair he set up one of his elevators on display. He got in it. He rode it to the top. Then, when everyone was watching, he cut the rope holding it up. Everyone gasped. But after falling a few inches the brake system kicked in and stopped the elevator. Everyone cheered.

What happened next?

Elevators started flying off the shelves.

People’s lives improved and Otis got rich.

He made $12 billion in revenues last year alone.

All because Otis stood behind the quality of his product.

He didn’t just talk about it.

He didn’t just make empty promises.

Which is what every service provider should do if they believe in their product.

This includes traffic agencies.

They should guarantee results.

But they never do.

They must not believe in their clicks enough to put their money where their big mouth is, I guess.

Do business with them at your own risk.

Hate risk?


Me too.

Then you’d love my new risk-free traffic source which comes with a results guarantee.

Details here


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