Your Own Traffic Machine – Broadcasting Like a Pro

Your Own Traffic Machine – Broadcasting Like a Pro

Presented by Paul Fan

Why your email open rate or click through rate low? It can be many reasons, perhaps your subscribers are not engaged enough or your email didn’t provide enough interest.

Is there a way to overcome the problem and increase your opening rate?

Broadcasting Success Guidelines
• It is your main income stream. Emails Broadcasts to your List – Clicks – $$

• Your main goal is to sell your subscribers on clicking on your link.

• The secret to getting most engagement opens and clicks is to include three elements in your subject lines and emails: Benefits, Scarcity, Curiosity.

* You can see example of good and bad broadcasting email in the video

* You can receive other marketer’s email to compare note by access here

How To Come Up With Email Ideas

Customer’s Squeeze page headline is important? You can in corporate one or two of Benefits, Scarcity, Curiosity to your headline as well.

If you create call to action link with EXACT wording as the headline on customer’s squeeze – it will significantly increase their Optin-rate

Create a new Junk email account that you can subscribe to others lists so you can study other pro email and get the idea.

Take note on headlines, email body, etc. What catches your own eye? Then incorporate the idea, but don’t copy them.

Other things you can include in your email are news (, etc) or your daily life or your blog.




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