Top Three Most Profitable Online Business System and How to Avoid Scam and Win Big? Part 1

Top Three Most Profitable Online Business System

Top Three Most Profitable Online Business System and How to Avoid Scam and Win Big? 

  1. The Affiliate Marketing Modle
  2. The Owning Your Product Modle
  3. The Licensing Modle 

The Affiliate Marketing Modle 

This is the most popular model in which you sell the owner’s product, and you receive the commission from the owner. You do not work for the owner because you are an independent contractor. The owner of the products can refer to the big company like Amazon and small individual entrepreneur that selling his information system on JVzoo, Warrior Forum or ClickBank. You must remember to drive all offers to your opt-in page first before sending to the owner’s sales page. That case, you will still keep the name from your hard work. Not everybody buys something on the spot; you need to use the email for your auto-response. There is a risk for affiliate marketing; that is that the owner may pull the offer or change the commission structure at any time, and you don’t have control over it. Although is rare, just keep that in mind. According to one of my coach John C. He said the advantage and dis-advantage of the affiliate offers are as follows:

The advantage of the affiliate is as follows:

  1. The owner of the product handles all the creation, delivery and customer support.
  2. No need to create your own product.
  3. Easy to setup and get to start.
  4. You only need to drive the traffic.
  5. You can do this from anywhere in the world.

Here is the disadvantage of the affiliate marketing:

  1. If you promote in the Google Pay Per Click or Facebook, you may get slap on your opt-in / landing
  2. Your affiliate network may rip off your campaigns.
  3. The competition may drive up the cost of advertising and to the point you no longer profitable
  4. You have to constantly find the new affiliate offers to run your business because you never know how long is the life span of your current affiliate offers have?

Many people think affiliate marketing is a gamble. I don’t think it is. As long as you have all the email listed saved in your auto-responder database and keep build relationship with them, I personally think the affiliate is a real on-line business. This is a business that can build a repeat customers database for you over time. Think about if Apple store would only have their customer visit the store once; they will never be profitable.

Think about this, if someone buy 1 Apple product, then he will be more likely to buy more products and even more expensive products from Apply. This is true with affiliate marketing. If someone buy a JVzoo product from you, he/she is more likely to buy more from you with another offer because they trust you and because you have built a good relationship with them. Therefore, a repeat business is the key to surviving in the affiliate marketing. It is always cheaper to market a repeat customer than to acquire a new one.

Here are the steps to promote any affiliate products:

  1. Go to JVZoo, Warrior, or ClickBank and select a product that you want to promote and pay you the good commission. You can also choose a product that is not selling in the above affiliate marketing market. Just make sure you choose the affiliate products that match your niche to promote.
  2. Select the traffic you want to use to promote the product. It can be Solo Mailing, Banner buy, Pay Per Click, etc.
  3. Drive the traffic to your opt-in page. You can also use the free eBook give away to increase opt-in rate. This does not always work, so it is important to A/B (Version A landing page and Version B landing page) test to test the campaign.
  4. Set up your auto-response with Aweber or Get Response to capture the lead (name/email etc.) coming from the opt-in page. I personally find that opt-in page with email only seems to get the better opt-in rate. But if you prefer people’s first name, you can try this in the A/B test as well.
  5. Recommend affiliate products and service in your niche to solve your subscribers’ problems.
  6. Start to see your account grow.

Note: Opt-in page, landing page or squeeze page are the same. They all drive to your sales pages, to your up-sell page,  and to auto-responder email database.

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