Top 7 things that pro marketers are doing in their businesses that you should be…

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My friend, Jason Regan, wrote a short ebook about Top SEVEN Things Pro Marketers Are Doing That You Should be. This is the summary of what he said:

͞The money is in the list͟. If you have been attempting to build an online business for any significant period of time, you have heard this saying. But what does it mean and how exactly does one build a list? List building refers to the act of capturing a prospects contact details so that you can continue to contact them in the future. The majority of customers will not purchase goods or services from you the first time they land on your website. He explains that the email is just one of many ways you can contact potential clients. For every dollar spent on email marketing the average return is close to $40. Wow. This is why Email is still king and will remain king for the foreseeable future.

Every builder needs a hammer. Every painter needs a paint brush. Internet marketers need tools as well. Imagine building a list of 5000 subscribers and having to manually email them one by one when you have a new offer for them. There are many different options available, most are inexpensive and easy to use. Better still, most well-known products on the market today such as Get Response and AWeber offer amazing extras and free trials. You also need tracking software. As an internet marketer you need to know where your customers and subscribers are coming from. Again there are many tracking options available to you. My favourite is Clickmagick.

160525-three-things-email-marketers-must-do-lg3. SPLIT TEST EVERYTHING
If you are not split testing in your business then put simply, you are not a professional marketer. Split testing is the process of creating subtle variations to your websites, ads or emails and seeing which ones are best received by your clients and customers. If you are about to send an email to your list, write two different headlines and keep the copy in the email identical. Send those two emails with different headlines out to half of your list each. Whichever email has the best stats (open rate, click through percentage) is the winner. You must split test everything. Ad copy, headlines, images, landing pages, emails…. split test them all.

When we have a product to sell it is important to speak to a potential custoŵer’s core need. Why does the customer want what it is you are selling? What problem do they have that your product will solve? Facebook PPC advertising enable marketers to target a potential customer by likes and interests as well as family status and many other variables. Google PPC has similar options, although not quite as laser focused. Facebook wins the targeting battle as far as I am concerned. Add by Paul that; however, I personal believe that for Business Opportunity and Online Product niche, Solo Ads is the best way to attract potential prospects.

Marketing is what online businesses do with visitors to their websites after they arrive. Advertising is the act of getting them to your website in the first place. When advertising there are endless thousands of options available that will drive customers to your website. It can be quite overwhelming for a beginner and even a seasoned marketer can run into trouble if they attempt to advertise on numerous platforms at the same time. It makes sense to master one form of advertising before moving onto the next. Every traffic source has its own idiosyncrasies that can only be learned by experience or training. Both experience and training will cost your business money.

Another tactic commonly used by successful marketers is retargeting which is exactly as it sounds. If you pay a set price for (Solo Ads of )1000 clicks to your website and only 400 of those sign up to your list what happens to the other 600? You have lost them forever and the money you spent getting them to your website is lost forever. Retargeting those visitors that came to your website, but did not engage the sign up process, means you can continue marketing to them when they visit other websites. (Paul said that the way to take care this is to have a perfect sales funnel.)

7. WORK MULTIPLE NICHESshoemoney- Picking Best Niche MarketWhen you shop at a supermarket they sell more items than just bread. If you can build an online marketplace where a customer arrives on your website and is able to purchase a number of items in completely different niches you will make money. A lot of money.  (However,) If you attempt to master multiple niches at the same time often you can find yourself unsuccessful in all of them. Its best to get your feet wet in one particular niche that you are comfortable in, master it, and then move on to the next.

To become an effective online marketer, you MUST implement the above SEVEN tactics in order to be successful. The top 3% of online marketers are currently making over 95% of the income in the online space. That means they are putting themselves head and shoulders above their competition….YOU.  They do that by keeping their costs low and their conversion ratios high. Implementing the above tactics will help you do that also.

For a more in depth look at the above listed ͞Seven things successful marketers are doing in their business that you should be͟ CLICK HERE.

About the author: Jason Regan is a successful Internet entrepreneur who has spent 7 years learning and perfecting techniques in the Internet marketing industry Starting his professional life as a radio broadcaster, Jason took those skills and transitioned into marketing. Jason has a young family with his wife Sonia and two teenage sons James and Aysh the driving force behind his business success. Jason owns and operates a number of Internet Businesses today including First Class Solo Ads, Two Step Cash Machine and Jason Regan Marketing.

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