Top 5 mistakes online entrepreneur makes in 2017

Top 5 mistakes online entrepreneur makes in 2017

Paul Fan

1. Fail to use the social media

Social media is more important than your own website. You want to have a presence on the web with your own website, but you want even more presences in the social medias because it gets you more exposure. Creating videos and blogs daily and send your communication broadcasting email, and update your FB are the minimum daily task. So don’t worry about updating your website often just make sure your information there is correct, then try to constantly communicate with your potential customers through social media as often as possible.

2. Fail to adapt the change

The online entrepreneur should learn how to constantly adapt the change in rules and changes in the online business. For example, many Email Service Provider (ESP) now won’t accept the make money online niche. Therefore, you should start to write the email in other related topics like personal finance or personal development and remove any of the make money online link in order to get your email approved and sent. You can also find another opportunity in a different online area like eBay drop ship or Amazon FBA. Those who adapt fast to the changes of the online business will succeed in the long run. By the way, multiple stream of income is always recommended!

3. Do it for money, not for passion

If you are doing the online business solely for money, it won’t last too long because this kind of mentality will get your quit before you make any money. You want to do what you love not what will potentially make you rich. Yes, we all want to make money and that’s why we work hard but you know, focus how to provide the value to others and the money will come itself. By the way, the online business is not a get rich quick vehicle or a wonder ticket ot the paradise, so we should passionate about want we do every day not just about do it for the money. That way you will survive long enough to reap the final result you want.

4. Try to be one man show

Many online entrepreneurs have great ability to fight a good fight themselves but a lack of ability to cooperate with others. To be successful in online business, at least you should hire someone to take care of your routine tasks that may take too much of your time currently. The best way is to hire a virtual assistant (VA) out of the country like the Philippines do that for you. Also be a team player, connect with other entrepreneurs and grow together is important as well.

5. Wanting or Expecting success immediately

There is No impossible Goal but only impossible time frame. Move toward your goal and do the best you can do every day and leave the time to the God.  95% of business failed because they cannot wait for the success. They try every way to find the short cut,  instead of finding what their customer wants. It takes the time to grow a business but it takes more efforts and hard work to build a profitable business. Set a reasonable time frame and do every day you can do today, and overcome any obstacle, frustration, failure, then you will be inevitably be seeing the best result you want at the end for sure.

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