Time Management and Make Money

Mark Ferguson talks about 9 time management tips and increases your income at the same time. If you have your day planned out, you are able to manage your time better and make more money. 

1.  Increase your time by improving concentration

I enrolled in Jack Canfield life coaching at the start of 2013. One of the principles of the coaching program was learning how to focus on one task at a time. Our society promotes multi-tasking and doing eight things at once. I know I was guilty of multitasking all the time. I would check my e-mail every five seconds, answer my phone every five minutes.

I have learned to concentrate on one task at a time until that task is completed or a set amount of time has passed.  Focus, has allowed me to manage my time better.

2.  Schedule everything to increase free time

Another technique I have learned from coaching was to schedule everything, even though scheduling is very hard for me. 

I have been scheduling more and more and I am able to manage my time better through scheduling. The reason scheduling saves time is you have a plan for the day or week. You don’t waste time thinking about what needs to be done or if you will have enough time for everything. 

3.  Never work below your income level-delegate

The most important thing I learned in coaching was to never work below my income level. This is an extremely difficult thing for many people to do. The idea is to hire out any work that can be done for less than what your time is worth.

4.  Manage your email and phone

Another great tip I received through coaching was how to handle e-mail and phone calls. Always take care of the most important e-mails first. Then work your way down to the least important and try to save personal e-mails for after work.

My coach suggested I change my voicemail to let people know when I will return calls. One exception to this rule is I have the most important numbers for asset managers saved in my phone. I answer those calls or return their messages ASAP because they make me more money!

5.  Eat that frog is a great book and idea

Eat That Frog, is a book on how to save time in your day and stop procrastinating. The basic premise is to eat that frog first, which means to do the most difficult and dreadful task first. By doing the most difficult task first, it eases your mind and makes the rest of the day much easier. Manage your time better by not procrastinating!

6.  Time budget is a great way to save time

With a time budget, list all your activities during the week and how much time you spend on them. List out the most important activities and the least important. Take a good look at what you are spending time on and if the majority of your time is spent on the most important things. 

7.  What if you have a corporate job?

 The Four Hour Work Week is a great book on learning how to delegate and use your time better. The author had a regular job and ended up outsourcing almost all of his work for much less money than he made. This allowed him to pursue other interests and start his own company with his free time. I would advise anyone who tries this to consult with their boss before outsourcing their work. I don’t want you to get fired. 

Even if you aren’t able to outsource your job, you can use these techniques to improve productivity and that will get you noticed. Getting noticed usually leads to promotions and more money. The worst case scenario is you manage your time better and have more free time to pursue other money-making activities.

8.  Too perfect is another great book and influence

Too Perfect is another book that changed my life. It is about obsessive-compulsive traits in people and how it affects our lives.

The second part of the book talks about how to be less compulsive and relax. I realized not every task has to be perfect. I can concentrate on the most important tasks, not spend too much time on the less important tasks and not worry about the past (completed tasks). Not only have these changes reduced stress and anxiety, they have increased my time. The better I manage my time, the more money I make!

9.  Make a list of everything you have to do

It is so simple, yet many people don’t write down what they need to do for the day. The less time you think you have, the more important it is to make a list of everything you need to do.


You should have noticed some common themes in this article. The more relaxed you are, the better you work and the more you get done. The more organized you are, the more work you get done. The more you schedule and the more you concentrate on one task, the more work you get done. The more you delegate, the more work you will get done. If you get more work done, you have more free time. Manage your time better. If you have more time to focus on money-making activities, you will make more money!

Paul Fan

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