The secret of top affiliate marketers

The other day, I read an article from Lynell Ford about The Secret of Top Affiliate Marketers and how much they made in the first month of their affiliate program. It gave me many inspiration.

I have seen a new opportunity called Aspire not long ago. I joined and I was assigned a personal coach. From their Facebook group comments, I can see that they are a very impressive group to be with. I spot many extremely successful affiliate marketers there as well, and some of them making over $20,000 in commissions from Aspire in just 1 month. I also found out that the Aspire group is also a very diverse group. They are ranging from 20 to 70 years old and comes from all different country, speak in different languages and have different ethic background. But most importantly, regardless of their race, color, I found them, from the Facebook, to be very different from most of people out there. Here is what Lynell Ford found as follow. I also add some of my comments on it.

  1. They are very passionate about what they are doing

I notice they are hanging around with other top earners. You can see how passionate what they are doing in their business. The passion ignites the fire for the integrity and motivation.

  1. They Don’t Make Excuses WeshouldNotGiveUp

I found that they are all go get it type of personality, and never make excuses of not doing the work. I believe if we want to be a successful entrepreneur, we just have to remove the excuses from our DNA and avoid playing the devil’s advocate. Once you find the right online system, like in the Aspire, you should just go for it. At least give it a try. Try something is better than not doing anything at all. No doing mean zero chance to success.

  1. I found the top affiliate are always networking

I believe, regarding what type of networking, it is one of the most important way to learn from others especially in the online business. They network in all different ways including Facebook, Instagram, google handout or live events.

  1. They are all very consistent in their business

Consistency requires lots of discipline. I found it very hard, at least for myself, to post a blog per day, to send an email to my subscribers list per day, to record a video per day, and the list can go on and on. That’s why the top affiliate learn to have a laser-like focus and concentrate on their 20% of most important activities because they believe that 20% of activities will generate 80% of their income. They also stick with something they know will certainly work. You don’t quit just because the plan doesn’t work out at the 1st try. They may change a different approach but they will not quit their dream. Do it, repeat and do it again become their habits.  The most successful online marketer may travel around the world but their daily routine of the 20% successful activities will never on vacation. They work 4 hours a weeks on their 20% of activities, yet still make many times more than most of people. They keep going every day working on their 20% activities such as list building, traffic conversion and customer communication.

  1. They Don’t allow Anyone Steal Their Dreams

Top affiliate won’t allow anyone to steal their dream. This is something easy to say than done because the people trying to steal your dreams are normally your family and friends. You just need to keep focus internally, and doing what is right and prove them later.

  1. Top affiliates has abundant mindset and always learning

The mindset is very important because it determine your daily actions. Scarcity mentality can be painful and create lots of unnecessary fear, anxiety and desperation. You should see your life in more long-term perspective because that will help you improve your performance with less anxieties in your own mind. To have abundant mindset, the best way is to keep learning. Whether you are learning the traffic methods or SEO, just always try to stay one step ahead of the game by keep thinking the next step of your plan. However, don’t let learning stop you from doing. Learn and teach and at the same time taking the action is the best way to learn. I did that everyday, and it has created an amazing result for me. It’s impossible to learn everything so you need to learn to outsourcing at one point of your life. Then learn to manage the task, people and project. There are so many things to learn, but just keep clam and do it as you go, you will become one of the top earners.

  1. How Can I Be an Aspire Top Earner?

The best way to get started with Aspire is by trying it. It is $1 to try.  It contains multiple online marketing university level course with different programs to help you make $500, 2000 or 6000 and more online. You will be given all the tools and training needed to success in this business. You’ll even get a personal one-on-one coach who will work with you and answer any questions you may have. In addition to potentially making a crazy amount of money, Aspire offers many rewards, like free BMW and exotic cruise vacations for their top affiliates.

The Aspire trial is only $1, which allows you to go through all 8 steps. I recommend you go through the first steps, then decide if this is something you want to do. If it is, great! If not, then get a full refund and continue on your journey.

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