The Best Way To Stand Out in a Cluttered Inbox is This

I just came back from Asia

While in there, I met couple online marketers who are based in Asia

One of them I paid $4000 for the last few months to learn the area of copywriting and coaching.

And in this time, the skills he taught me made my copywriting skill improve tremendously.

As we having a lunch in one of the largest city in South East Asia, I learned that the best way to stand out in a person cluttered inbox is this…  

I carefully jotted it down in my hand, when he said this.

He said that the inbox is clogged with multiple marketers shouting benefits, how much they earned, and the solutions to the method or a system. In fact, everybody got their own system now a day.

However, not many marketers talk about their day-to-day challenges, or should I say frustration, that a normal person will surely experience.

He means that few people take about the real problem.

I know we should all be positive and focus on the solution and ignore the problem by taking the action.

But, there is a cache. If we always focus on the solution, or how the marketers win by doing such and such, then it is no different from others. 

Harvard MBA studies all sort of case study of how a corporation wins certain games, and that’s why very few MBA can be an enterpreneur. They are trained to work for others. Having other experienced teams to train them what is on the real battle field, which corporate failed and dies and actually very few survive.   

According to the statistics, 95% of people fail in the online business and you don’t even know they are exited. 4% of them failed and you watched them failed. Finally, only 1% succeed.

There are so many ways to succeed, if we only focus on the successful story, we will likely make the same mistake that other people made.

Therefore, we need to know the problems even before they surface.

I am the marketers and I believe I talk more about the problem as you can see in my other videos of how I get nailed down and how I stand up again. It is really not a nice picture and I really mean that – it is very brutal. 

I believe to embrace the problem and discover the way to solve it will hopefully get you guys a more realistic picture of the online business.

That’s why, when I write the email, I make sure I talk about the problems, then the solution. 

If you like to find out how to push your reader’s buttons and engage them, please stay tune for my other email and video. 

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