TEST RESULTS (shocking)

One of Igor Kheifets’s friend was browsing around on Warriors forum years ago.

He saw an offer for a shiny new system.

He read the copy.

Super convincing.

He read the testimonials.

Super convincing.

Figured he had just struck gold.

So he whipped out his credit card. Bought the system. Rubbed his greedy little hands in anticipation of his coming riches. And in about 10 minutes realized that he had just paid for a useless pile ‘o bull-crap that his 4-year-old nephew could’ve thrown together blindfolded.

I still tease him for getting duped.

But let’s face it.

We’ve all been there at some point.

Especially when it comes to buying traffic.

Most traffic agencies get rich selling clicks, but they never use their own traffic to promote anything.


Because they know it sucks.

So they fake a few proof screenshots and get rich off your back instead.

To prove this isn’t the case with my new traffic source, I recently ran a test with Digital Altitude and recorded the results, so that you can see for yourself.


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