The Strategies to Remove the Bad Habit: Why we have bad habit? Part 1/2

The strategies to remove the bad habit and build a new empower one

The bad habit is the main reason we cannot accomplish our goal including our personal, relationship, things, spiritual or financial goals. Regardless how great your goals are, if we don’t remove the bad habit, the quality of life will suffer.

The bad habit is a time waste and energy using on the wrong thing. But why we still doing it? It is because we associate pleasure to do the bad habit and pain to do the good one. I am trying not to over simplified it, but it is true. Because was are a human being, our behavior is controlled by the Neuro Associative Conditioning. This NAC system allows you to link pleasure and pain to every area of your life.

To reach your goal, you must choose to link the pleasure to the tasks that you have been putting off and to link pain to the tasks that you are currently indulging in but need to be changed. This is a principle of how the natural nervous system in our body works. However, this NAC system requires a daily reinforce instead of will power or a discipline. Therefore, the NAC is important to forming of your personal motivation of your life.

The will power and discipline are simply not enough. If you try to use your will power to overcome the bad habit, you will discover that your will power response far slower than the thought of your bad habit. Instead, you need to train your neuro association to make a good habit like a routine by visualizing yourself cut out of the bad habit, and change to the new pattern of good one.

Most importantly, you must feel good during this process of exercise, or it won’t work well.

The feeling good part of this neuro association exercise is crucial as it will become a thought of the proper response that travels faster than your thought of the bad habit, so you can overcome the bad one before you thinking of doing it.

Next time I and going to show you the step by step how to change your bad habit and form a good one.

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