Still not getting conversions from my traffic

Larry (not real name) complains:

I’m still not getting conversions from my traffic. I’ve been buying clicks from Udimi and a bunch of other sources, but still nothing. I know this isn’t an overnight thing, but how long before I start seeing results? I’ve got nothing to show for my spending besides 1 small sale out of thousands of clicks.

This isn’t a spiritual reading.

There’s no mystery here.

There’s only three things which can be at fault for your low conversions.

It could be your offer.

It could be your traffic.

It could be your “No Strategy.”

Chances are you know whether or not it’s your offer.

You can tell based on the results other people are getting when they promote the same offer for themselves.

You can also easily tell if its the traffic, because if the traffic sucks, the word spreads faster than gossip. In case you’re not sure, just giveĀ my new traffic source a shot. It’s better than good.

So if you’re positive you’ve got a great offer and a great traffic source, it means your “No Strategy” needs work.

What’s that?

It’s what you do with the 99% of people who visit your website and say “No” the first time you offer them anything.

Most marketers do nothing about those.

Which is a shame.

Because that’s where most of your best buyers are.

Here’s the fastest and easiest way to have a “No Strategy” for your business by this time tomorrow

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