Step By Step Instructions of How You Can Compose a Successful Emails That Creates More Open Rate

Hassan at Bulk Response has an article about the Step By Step Instructions To Compose a Successful Email Newsletters That Creates More Activity. I found it is useful and summarize it here:

He said Emails are extraordinary and powerful tools for expanding your business. 

How would we do it correctly so our clients will stay with us longer?

1. Scanability   Basically individuals don’t really read the full article on every email, rather they just check the title and scan the body quickly if they even have time to read the body. 

• Try to compose the most interesting headings with scarcity, curiosity and benefits components.

• Try to talk about only one main thought for every passage and keep it simple and direct.

2. Aim for a simplicity  The most important things is that fulfill your audience with simply enough information.  You can use bulleted records to compress components into manageable scanning block.

3. Make intriguing opening sentence Initial introduction is critical for building up any relationship. Create curiosity, scarcity, and benefits just like you do in the title. To get the more open rate, you have to have the best title and best first two sentences of the body message. 

4. React and criticism Response to reader email.  You will sometimes get valuable criticism or praise from your reader. Response to all constructive feedback quickly. 

5. Use HTML editor for your email: My favor HTML editor is In addition, do the following:

• Give the audience the choice of both HTML and plant text version of your email. 

• Keep your message short but no less than 150 words. 

• Although each Email Service Provider (ESP such as Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, Hotmail etc) has its own spam filtering rules, but most of the cable domain (Comcast, BellSouth, email and etc), and private domains (e.g. are all used the Apache Web Server’s Spam Assassin filer, so make sure your score is -0.0 (means no spam found) before you sent.

• Add the image map if you have URL associated with the image. If you send the image-only email out, it will be considered as spam. But there is the alternative, for sending to users, you can use  to create a clickable image map to avoid being considered as spam emails.  Image map strategy won’t work for Gmail and other major ESP. 

• Also, incorporate your address info and an unsubscribe link in the footer of each email you sent. Add a disclaimer or report a spam link at the header is a good idea as well. 

7. Testing is Critical   Before you send your email, send a test to yourself or at least to view it in the browser, to make sure all looks fine and links are also work perfectly. 

8. RSS channel Enable sending a copy to RSS channel will help you create more responses in the future. 

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