Solo Ads To Find Your Targeted Prospects

Ever heard of Ford Edsel?

Igor mentions a story that goes like this:

It’s a car Ford produced in the 50’s but had to quickly shut down production because it wasn’t profitable.

You see…

At the time, people went from buying big, gas-guzzling cars to small, economic cars.

Edsel was the complete opposite of what the marketplace needed.

Huge gas guzzler of a car.

Ford lost $250,000,000 before they realized they had to pull it out.

Here’s your takeaway.

Market what people want, not what you believe is best for them.

Ford had a great product (probably, never drove an Edsel), but they were selling apples to people who wanted to buy oranges.

Edsel would probably killed it in the 30’s and the 40’s.

But not in the 50’s.

So if you’re still trying to push your business opportunity on your friends, family and co-workers without success, open your eyes.

You’re probably marketing to the wrong crowd.

These people don’t want to fire their boss. They prefer to have one. It’s easier this way. It’s safer (or so they think until they get fired).

Don’t waste your time.

Instead, focus on prospects who actually want what you’ve got.


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