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I have received questions, and I would like to share the answer with viewers. The name remains anonymous for privacy purpose.

Question: I saw that a lot of solo ad sellers/vendors are using Pen names? Is it a good thing or not? Or is it better to use your real name and build the relationship with subscribers or just to sell them …? Also using multiple Aweber accounts, wonder do I need VPN (Virtual Private Network) for that? Any specific VPN you recommend?

Paul: Pen name is okay, but just make sure it is the same name as your Facebook and other social accounts, so your subscribers can network and connect with you easily. 

I personally believe to focus providing the help, value, and support to your subscribers first, and the income will come. Your income may not come in right away, but don’t get discouraged. Or, perhaps, it may not even come from the same person you help.  But it is like a magic circle of affluence because you cannot help but receive the reward at the right moment and right time.  

Using multiple ESP (Email Service Provider) accounts is not a good idea unless you have two separate accounts, have separate subscribers, and you log in from different IP addresses through different PC or through VPN, and most importantly, you have different email sent through different account (well, that require lots of works and you may need a Virtual Assistant to do that for you). 

You can use any VPN. I use

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Question: I’m thinking to step in Solo Ads business “world” – do you think it’s profitable in long turn?

Paul: I believe solo ads business is the core of THE internet business and it is profitable for anyone willing to accept the hard work first.  Everybody should sell Solo Ads when your list grows to 3000 and above and CTR (Click through Rate) is at least 5% and above, or you have to grow more subscribers.  I recommend doing the Click Banking (exchange the clicks with another solo vendor/affiliate marketers) first. You can search Facebook on Click Banking groups and join them to find your CB partners. I have created a detailed video about this too.  

Question: Also when creating ESP  (Email Service Providers) account do I have to use my real address or can I get PO box from somewhere? And I noticed that some solo ad sellers are using tricks such as – when you subscribe to their list they are sending you emails from 2 domains. Example – I sign up for their list on a domain: and they are emailing me from that domain and from another one such as I’ve just tested it now… Also, what do you think about using self-hosted AR in long turn, are they profitable, deliverability success rate? – I think latest buzz is about mail whizz

Paul: You can get a PO box or better, the UPS store PO box, instead of using your home address. Many marketers have different domains and use them on different ESP like Aweber, Get Response, Zoho, Freshmail and etc. 

Self hosts are good and flexible options, but the delivery rate is far lower than the paid ESP.  Besides the one you mention in question, there are many Self Hosted server brands that are good as well, like ARP, Interspire, Mailster (WP plugins) /Mail-In-A-Box (SMTP Server) and etc.  Due to the opening rate better in ESP, so I still use ESP service even though I also have self host servers.

Question: If I’m going to have multiple (at least 2) Aweber accounts or Get Response, how many credit cards do I need to have, or can I always pay with one that I have for each of accounts? (because I only have one credit card). Do you know what is the best way to build multiple (at least two email lists) at once? Is there any way I can setup when subscriber sign ups for my list – he gets subsribed for my second list in the same time as well?

Paul: I have personal and business PayPal account. 

For list synchronization, I also use  Zapier supports multiple connections, data transfer, between more than 750 Apps. For example, a subscriber signup to Aweber, the email address will get populated with the Get Response and vice versa. 

Question: Can you please tell me if I’m planning to sell solo ads do I need to have Paypal Business account or not? Can I get payment on payoneer and do I need to have Business payoneer also or not? For paypal Business account do I really need to have “real Business” registered such as Ltd, llc…

Paul: I recommend to get a Paypal Business account so it looks more professional. You will need a registered business like LLC or S corporation if you are in the US, so you can provide the EIN number to Paypal for tax purpose. Payoneer is also very popular and I recommend to have at least a regular Payoneer account so you can receive fund from the person or party that doesn’t use Paypal.

I hope this Q/A help, please skype me at ‘paulfannet’ if you have any questions. 

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