Are you Sick and Tire about Your Choice: The Motivation and Personality by Abraham Maslow reveals all

Are you Sick and Tire about Your Choice: The Motivation and Personality by Abraham Maslow reveals all

You will not know what is a true motivation if you haven’t heard or read Maslow’s book.

Maslow is a Psychologist and his book title “motivation and personality” is far the best psychological motivational book I have every seen.

His Hierarchy of Need, from bottom to the top, move all the way to the top talking about human being’s self-actualization process and the secret is in there.

It’s the secret of why a musician must make music, an artist must paint, a poet must write.

It is because that it allows he/she to be ultimately at peace with himself/herself.

I want you to know that.

In the simplest words to explain this is here:

What a man can be, He must be.

This is what Maslow called a self-actualization

Why you still cannot make money online? It is because you have not mastered the skills of self-actualization

How to master it?

First, you must know that you must change.

It is a Must skill not just something nice to have.

If you are not self-actualizing and move up to the ladder of Hierarchy, you will not have your basic need fulfill.

It’s like a without food and you will die.

Although different people express this ability differently, such as parent, musician, writer, teacher, engineer, and etc all have their own interpretation of their self-actualization.

But you will notice that at any given moment you can move to a growth scale at the right side below, or a Back to the Safety scale at the left side below.

Back to Safety                                                     More to Growth


                    -2      -1     0   +1     +2


The gap is double when you suppose to move up 1 point but you move back one point. 1+1 is 2. 

So move back to safety 1 point means you miss out 2 points in that move. 

No wonder we always experience intense anxiety, frustration and unhappy if we are not moving to our set goal.


So move back to safety 1 point means you miss out 2 points where you are and you suppose to be. 

Our mental computer is constantly calculating this mental gap, 24/7 you like it or not. Or basically all the time, and regardless you already have a set of goal or not.

Say, you set a goal to wake up at 5:00 am and to do the exercise.

But at 5:00 am, you felt like you should sleep a little more and that is good for your energy for the rest of the day by getting more sleep.

So at the moment, you choose you don’t want to get up at 5:00. You Choose to sleep more.

So after you do this couple of times, plus other stuff you may procrastinate, put things off, or not doing things during the day… 

Now you feel very lousy. You felt total unaccomplished and frustration. You are the big unhappy one.  

Then, you try to find the solutions, and this can be unconscious too, you go eat a lot of junk food, or you watch useless TV, or maybe R rated or Horror movie for the heck of it.

Or you drink bear and do something that you would feel guilty later, and you think you can get away from this, but it causes you more pain. 

I have been there before, how about you? Be honest.

Then you blame your family, relatives, your co-workers and your boss and even President Donald Trump’s wife. 

Ok, I am just slightly exaggerated. 

Are these only because of your self-actualization unfulfilled, and your excuses and guilt try to comfort your frustration?

It doesn’t have to work that way.  

You have a choice and you can change.

And the gap mention above becomes further and further away, and you feel more stress and more unhappy each day.

You look for motivation program and only work for a short while.

Listen, No one is perfect. No one going to be the ultimate perfection in this world, and yes, including those are successful in everyone’s eyes.

The human being is extraordinary, but except God, I think no one can be perfect.

But that did not stop you from keeping move forward, right?

Self-actualization is a choice and in the process, the more you aware of this, the more you will appreciate your life.

You become knowing it and you know you will no longer take thing for granted.

You become less complaining, of course.

You become goal driven and focus things in front of you.

You do the best you can and improve as often as you can.

The bottom line is this…

If you do the things less than you are capable of, then you will be miserable for the rest of your life.

So to be comfortable = painfulness!!!

Poverty is a decrease because it is not natural. It does not fit into the self-actualization process for sure.

That was the main thing Phychogist Maslow talking about in his book.

I think it is the Choose that separate one from the rest. Won’t you agree?


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