Secret of Traffic Source Revealed


Secret of Traffic Source Reveal Today

To success in this business, you need people to look at your offer. My mentor told me if I can have 100 people look at my offer every day, I will never ever need a 9 to 5 job again.
How to get the people to look at your offer? There are two ways to do that. One is free, and another is paid. Free method is to use the social media like facebook, youtube etc. to generate traffic. The paid traffic is banner ads, pay per click or solo ads. 
Today I am going to show you the most cost effective traffic method – Solo ads. You can watch the video here too.
What is Solo Ads and How to Success in It and avoid Pitfall? – Day19 of 90 Day To Quit Job
Someone uses their established email lists to promote your product/affiliate offer/private label right product. Solo Ads is relatively popular for the past 5 years and today, it is still very popular. It produces lots of producers in this online money making industrial as well. 
Owner and Broker all could be the owner of the Solo Ads. The broker is the person who don’t own the email list but function as the middle man for the owner and you. For example, 
Who is the owner of Solo Ads? 
Udimi is a Solo Broker.
How they promote your product? 
Solo Ads is based on the email lists. You can write your own swipe, or the owner (seller) can write it for you in their solo campaign. Your product opt-in page link will be in their email campaign, and the visitor can click the link and see your opt-in page.
What is the two most important parts in their email? Subject and Body. They lead to the cll of action in the email.
1. Subject: Grab the visitor attention
2. Body: Engaged body information leads to

What is the Risk about Solo Ads? 

1.    Trash list by purpose from bad owner/ broker?
2.    Or just crappie lists by accident from good owner / broker? I believe 90% of solo owner/ brokers are good, but there are some bad one out there. 
What solo ads you use before and can recommend? 
I only can recommend few of them as of this writing as follows. 
Udimi Solo Ads:
Igor and Eugene Solo ads. You can find them in Google. 
There are other alternative for Solo Ads like Banner display: 
MLMleads Banner Ads:

Hybrid of Solo and Banner:
Coach Paul Ads:
That’s it for today.
To your success,
Paul Fan

To watch the video summary of this topic CLICK HERE.

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