The 7 secret of Goal Setting and Achieve it: Ultimate Goal setting workshop

The secret of Goal Setting and Achieve it: Ultimate Goal setting workshop

The important of Goal is to provide you a “positive pressure” because once we are in a complacent mode with our lives, we won’t make any improvement.

1. A positive pressure is not frustration we are facing in our life. The frustration is when an event happened and you’re unprepared. The positive pressure is something you already foresee and can predict it. Therefore, you have planned the solution A, B, C to tackle this foreseen issue. Even though the issue is still different from you original expectation, you will have more tool and ability to face them if you are prepared. The goal will help you to expect them in advance, and forming a mental mindset to overcome them easily.

2. I believe the law of attraction that, for as you think continuously with passion and feeling, you will eventually become the one you attract to. We don’t know how long does it takes and what does it primarily depends on?  The more actions you take, in general, the faster you will gain all the experiences to achieve your goal. This assumes the action you took are legit and not violate the principle of love God and love people.

3. The setting up of a goal will also give you a mind map to follow. A mind map that already existed in your conscious and subconscious mind, and you bring it on to helps you to correct the deviation of your life and eventually help you to reach your destiny right on the bull eyes.

4. You must believe to receive as well. We often set up the goal with a limited time line and fail to achieve it. There is no impossible goal only impossible time line. Try to give yourself a proper time to achieve it.

5. I would recommend you setup your personal development goal first. Your weight, energy level, food you eat, and your exercise routine are your indication of your ability to achieve your goal. If you are sick and tired all the time physically, how would you have the energy to even start your goal?

6. Then setup the financial goal, like how much you want to earn with a deal line. Review your goal daily to make sure you are on track all the time. If not, change the deadline or rewrite your goal. As you grow more knowledge and being more matured in everything you conducted, your approach and ability will change. So a weekly review, or more frequent, of your goal is recommended.

7. Finally, setup your family goal. If you are not married yet, then setup your things goal. In this category, you want to write down what house you/ your family want to live and the car you want to drive.

Recommend basic goal categories: 

* Personal development goal

* Financial goal

* Family goal / Things goal

Then select your top 3 goals from all of above and create a plan to accomplish them in order of 1, 2, 3 and etc. Write your major goal on a piece of paper and carry it with you to remind you of your primary definition of purpose every day.

How to achieve your goal faster? 

To make the goal a reality, you much also write the action plan for each goal and taking action daily.

You Must motivate yourself to achieve this goal daily. Here is a mental trick. Do you ever have any action that you didn’t take in the past and now you felt super regret? Or something you keep thinking that if you would at that time taking that action, then you would be 100 times better than you are now? I know think about these is painful and we cannot back to the time to change it. But we have not finished yet, now we want to think of your goal from the future You.  

For think from the future to motivate achieve your goal, I would recommend you do the Rocking Chair test to help you think about your goal from the future. You sit on the Rocking Chair at an old age and visualize your goal. Let’s think about if you are at age 70 or 80 or 90 and now you reflect on your life, what would you regret if you are not taking these actions and what would you happy if you had taken those actions and now change your life to where you are now 🙂

So what are you waiting for, first brainstorm your goals and get it started today, then follow the exercise provided to achieve your goal. 

If you financial goal is to earn extra income for family, here is something you can try. 


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