How to overcome the problem in our life?

How to overcome the problem in our life?

I think the problem will come with us wherever we go

The more success you are as a person, the more problems you will have in your life

The best way to overcome problems is to take immediate actions toward the solutions, that’s it.

Because after we take the Action, we felt better and this gives us emotional charged and Groth in us

In which that lead to the expanding of our influence circle and create the new ability to handle more severe problems

It is my belief that, through the serious of Action, we will know which one works and which one does not work

That helps us grow, but that’s not the end

Many points in our life, we will either get complacent or take wrong actions, in which such action either does not work or a total disaster

So we get overwhelmed again and this generates a new problem

Then the smartest guys will always expand their circle again by taking more actions

That’s what’s going on, in this sequence:

Inaction or Wrong Action – Overwhelm – Problem – Take Right Action – Emotional Charged – Growth – Inaction or Wrong Action – Overwhelm …

That’s why the key to success is to take actions; but without wrong actions, you won’t improve yourself

The baseball hall of fame shows us that, the player, average win 30% of time and lose 70% of the time

That is what our life is about as well

The point is how do we get up after we fall?

My answer is how long does it take for a baby learn how to walk? We all have an answer … “until they succeed”

That’s why we are being persistence

But adult don’t operate the life this way

Unfortunately, there is only a known short cut to this

That is to learn from others or get yourself a coach

I am more than happy to show you how many mistakes I made during the past 18 months and how you can avoid them and focus your time on improving the online business.

I believe that you can benefit from my failure

Life is short and we should learn to give and to take chances and do massive actions to accomplish your goal, and that’s is the way for a person who can grow tremendously.

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