Coaching 2: The Missing Link: A Perfect Funnel

The Missing Link: A Perfect Funnel

The biggest mistake for online marketers is the lack of better funnel. Without a good funnel, we waste more than 50% of clicks and we have no idea and wonder where our visitors were gone? The perfect funnel provides you a guide to reach your online marketing goal by tracking every single piece of them. This ensures your online marketing success and saves you tons of money on traffic.

1. You want to direct all incoming link to your vendor link. The link that you created in the (CM) and that can be your link which you show to your traffic providers. The vendor link then connects to your Initial link in the CM. If you have repeated visitor, you will redirect them to the CPA or PPL affiliate links.

2. The initial link will redirect to your squeeze page rotator where you can setup in CM. You will setup the exit redirect or exit pop up to show different landing page to max your obtaining of any visitors come to your site based on your niche and the server you provide. You will create the squeeze/landing page in the WordPress and copy the URL to the CM. Further more, you can use the Prettylink WordPress plug in to track your squeeze page inside WordPress as well.

3. You would setup the Thank you page in CM and in the WordPress, just like you created previously for the squeeze page. You can also use the exit redirect for the Thank you pages.

4. Finally, your visitor will land on your affiliate landing page. If you also selling the clicks to others as a solo vendor, you can redirect clicks to them as well.  

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P.S. What is the landing page? Here is a good landing page.

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