How to make money online – the online system for extraordinary income

How to make money online – the online system for extraordinary income

There is really no perfect online system. If you find one, I will be interested to know. 

But in order to succeed in the online marketing, I do have secret that I am going to show you. 

From my past 24 months of researching of how to make money online? I believe those who actually making money online are focusing two things in their online business. One is traffic and another one is email marketing.

Yes, you heard me right. That is the only two things you need, at least at the beginning level, that you must know in order to succeed.


Why is the Traffic first? I will honestly say that without it, there is no way you can build a list, and send the newsletter to your subscribers. If you don’t have a list, you cannot do anything.


Why is Email marketing important? You know the best way to get a massive interaction with your subscribers is through email. Once your subscribers receive the email, they can read it, or read it and delete it, or just delete it, or unsubscribe it or report a spam on it. 

Regardless, the point is for those who read it, and if that is the case, you will get your message across and you will receive the additional traffic generated from your list to promote your or your affiliate websites, i.e. other people’s website. You can even sell solo ads like I do in this way. If you are interested in this system, please contact me through my skype ‘paulfannet’.

Without using these two tools, and most importantly master them, it will be almost not possible to progress your online marketing entrepreneurship and fail is for sure.

How to get the traffic? 

The way I recommend is to join the FB solo ads group and know the solo vendors there, and buy the traffic from them directly at the discount. You can also use 3rd party traffic selling website like clixli, clickonomy or Udimi to purchase the traffic from the solo ads vendor over there. 

If you have questions, you can skype me at any time ‘paulfannet’.

There is another way you can purchase the traffic, that is from the Banner ads, FB ads, and Google Adwords etc, but they are far more expensive than the solo ads. Unless you have the huge budget, then it will cost you a lot at the beginning.

How to send email? 

For sending the email, I recommend you to open an account in an ESP (email service provider). Choose the one you like for example, freshmail, flexmail,, Aweber, Get Response, Zoho and etc. You can use self-hosted servers like Mailwize, Interspire, ARP Reach or Mailster, Newsletter WP plug-in with Mail-in-a-Box SMT and etc, but this is for more advanced marketer and I will discuss more it next time.

That’s it, then as you are more experienced, you will need more tool like a good funnel and landing page, and I will discuss those next time as well.

If you have a question on how to drive traffic, just reply me back or connect with me through Skype ‘paulfannet’, and I will help you.

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P.S. Here is the system I recommend today

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