What make our life different – radical change

Daniel Grissom in his book, step up, said the most important decision 

of our life is to decide to have a radical change.

He said radical change is required for today’s rapid change world. 

I remember my parent used to have a land line phone for decades. 

Today, we have cell phones upgrade just every few years. 

New technology evolves every few months. 

To just keep pace with them you will need to have a radical change.

Therefore, if we try to survive in this new age of information system

– the world, we must learn to take massive action 

and adopt the new strategy.

Think about how you get from point A to point B? 

If you walk for 1 hour, you can walk at 1 miles distance.

If you ride the horse for 1 hour, you can advance 15 miles.

If you drive a car for 1 hour, you can reach the city limit 40 miles.

If you take the bullet train, you can go around 250 miles.

If you take a plane, you can fly at least 500 miles in just one hour.

So you are still you, but how come the outcome is different? 

You might not even work as harder, but since you took the plane

You advance faster and get a longer distance, isn’t it?

I never said life is fair, but ask that self-make millionaire

They will tell you you create your own fairness

It is up to you that you want to walk, ride the horse, 

take the car, train or plan, it’s all up to you

When you change your approach, and your platform,

Then, the result will be inevitably and miraculously changed

That is how people said, my goodness, it is a miracle for him and her

But I said that to you, it can happen to you as well 

The only way that you can upgrade from walk to the air plane

is through radical change, another word, take massive action.

You must set your goal and you must to do it in persistence

If you don’t feel like it. Even rain on your parade

Find out your destiny, research for it, form strategy

and do it!

This is how exactly you can advance your life

We must take calculated risk and make a plan

If plan A does not work, then do the Plan B

Only radical change will give you a good start

What are you waiting for? 

Find one of two things that you put off and start doing it

until it completed then do the same the next day!!

Best Regards,
Paul Fan

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