Key to Online Business Success: How to have a successful business

What is the Key to Online Business Success? How to have a successful business?

My friend Igor told me a story and he said this.

When I juggled two jobs while trying to build my online business…

…I was considering to quit about 3 times a day.

And it went on for years…

…Until I achieved an amazing breakthrough and became an overnight internet success story (4 years in the making).

Why was I eager to quit?

Because, let’s face it, while everyone claims internet marketing’s easy…

It’s not. It’s the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. It’s also the longest, most demanding project I’ve ever committed myself to (besides my marriage).

Writing emails – is friggin hard. (unless you have email bible)

Building sales pages and funnels – is friggin hard.

Coming up with a unique sales hook that separates you from the crowd – is friggin hard.

Its all mother-tripping’ hard!

That’s why everyone talks to you about their “Why”

Because unless you got a reason to suffer through years of trial and error – you’ll quit eventually.

If not today, then tomorrow or the next day.

Because this industry will beat you down and tea bag you. The gurus will slit your throat (financially) and watch you bleed money.

In short – it’s no fun.

And it’s not the jolly-holly sunshine and rainbows everyone sells you on.

But this isn’t another one of those “what’s your why” emails.


I see no value on hammering this point home. Then I kept thinking about the key to online business success? How to have a successful business?

And I’m sure you got a pretty darn good reason to investing your free time and money (that you may not even have) into building an online business that creates freedom for you and your family.

This email is about the harsh reality you go through on your way to building this business.

The real world owns you. You don’t own it.

It dictates the terms and circumstances in which you try to break thru.

And these circumstances are limiting as f***!

There’s never enough time, money and motivation.

There’s never enough <fill in the blank> to fuel your passion and build your next funnel, write the next email, get on the next team call.

Some of us, the most resilient, ram thru the walls that hold us.

Some by skill… others by luck… and some by sheer will power.

I happen to fit into the 3rd category.

And I consider myself lucky because most people I talk to lack this muscle.

Which is why, instead of encouraging you to chug along, I decided to do something much better… much more useful to you… something that gets you progress. Now you can hire a coach for your online business success too 🙂 and build your online business successfully.


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