How to Increase Your Copy writing Skills by 47%, In Less than 7 minutes, without paying a cent

How to Increase Your Copywriting Skills by 47%, In Less than 7 minutes, without paying a cent?

Do you just not get enough click through rate in your broadcasting?

Do you feel that you don’t make enough money from your business?

I want to help you to build your online business. Period.

The first things I promise you is that I want to help you succeed as much I want to succeed myself.

Why? I know you succeed and then I will succeed. 

First thing, I will be very transparent and be very honest with you.

If you copy someone’s swipe file without learning to write your own.

You will be just like 95% of internet marketers to fail quickly. It is because you make mistakes according to Eugene Schwartz in his Copywriting Seminar.

He said to do these points frequently don’t skip them:

  • Challenge yourself to write 100-300 words in 33.33 minutes every other day at least
  • Know your market and know where to focus and be the best listener and student
  • Channel your reader, never sell anything. Think what your product Does, Not What IT IS
  • Make gratification instantaneous
  • Finally, show your reader testimonials

Echo that, according to the workshop from San Francisco School of Copywriting, it makes these rule to the golden 7 rules.

Do these when you write:

#1. You should write to one person to one person only mode. You should imagine the reader who is receiving your email and this is the conversation between you and that person.

#2. Emotion drives the flow. It is all about pain and pleasure. Tell your reader what their pain and pleasure is. “Would you like to be looked like 10 years younger in 3 months”? Create your headline and sub-headline and tell your story. See example below.

“Do More Hurt Less”.


Chad Jay, an affiliate marketer in his video, continue to elaborate about additional points what Eugene Schwartz said:

Same event – 

Bad example:


Good example: 




#3. Copy write article should be no longer than 3 line in each paragraph. Grammar school doesn’t apply. Write incomplete sentences for emphasis is ok.

#4. Imply benefits and highlight them with bold face, italics or underlining.

#5. Use bullets. It makes it more readable.

#6. Use testimonials or research to support your claims.

#7. Most important part is to bring it full circle and get to your offer.

Finally, reinforce the benefits – not features – of your product or service.

And then make a strong call to action.


Finally the “P.S.” Is the 2nd most important element than the headline. Make sure to add something in there for urgency or something you forgot to mention.

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