If you don’t want to invest in yourself or a business, get a job

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Let me tell you a story from my email coach Ben Settle.

Ben said once upon a time, my pal Ray Higdon posted about how he regularly gets people asking him about a business where they don’t have to invest any money up front.

His reply?

“If you don’t want
to invest in yourself
or a business, get a job.”

Ain’t that the troof?

Free only gets you so far, after all.

Which is one reason why I spend so much time in these emails and on the “Email Players” sales letter talking about who should *not* be subscribing?

Like freebie seekers.

Or goo-roo fanboys always looking for the next BSO.

(Bright shiny object).

Or people who want a “lazy” way to do bid’nizz.

Yada, yada yada…


It’s not because I think they’re bad people. Probably, they are swell blokes and blokeses. But if someone is complaining about the “cost” of a product instead of looking it as a long term investment (which my newsletter is) then they have no place at my table.

My table is for the big kids.

The people above belong at the kiddies table —

You know, “playing” business with all the free reports and eBooks they accumulate, but never actually do anything with.

I don’t say that to be a prick, either.

Most people really should be at a job.

They really should be taking orders.

And, they really should be told what to do, working their entire lives to give their boss and his family a lifestyle, instead of themselves and their family a lifestyle. There’s no shame in it whatsoever. Most people go their whole lives happily obeying their betters at work like a good little soldier, taking whatever scraps they get thrown from the table.


Not at all, babycakes.

(Well, maybe a *tad*)

But it’s true if all you want is “free”… then maybe you should be at a job.

Maybe you should work for “the man.”

And, maybe you should be carrying reports to your superiors for the next 20+ years of your time on this planet.

Hey, it’s your life.

Do whatever you want with it.

This is how I did itcounting_penny

End of sermon.

Now, let’s sally forth on to the good stuff:

I want to include a special bonus in my list building the program for you. Specifically, I will give you all my Aweber email swipes for you Free. You can use my campaign code and receive 2+ months’ worth of auto response sequences. Don’t think it is enough? I am going to give you a sales funnel and the secret of getting traffic to your funnel free or less than 30 cents per click. But, don’t think it doesn’t apply to you if you don’t sell health offers. There are techniques I teach in it (that will work for any market) I have never revealed anywhere else.

It’s a valuable tool and information I will be charging an ugly penny for in the future.

Anyway, if you want in before it goes to print, sign ye here:

Paul Fan

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