How To Think Big Now

Why most of the online entrepreneurs quit even though they have the right system, right coach and right opportunity to succeed? I always thinking about this. Is it because some system only works for some people and won’t work for others? Or is it because it needs money to make money and majority don’t have the money? Based on my investigation of my current business and feedback from my subscribers, I think the answer is neither one of them. I think there is one important element that is lacking in the quitter’s mind. It is a lack of power to think big.

Dorie Clark from Forbes said Think Big is Get Comfortable with Discomfort.

Kevin Daum, the best-selling author said [Solution + Resolution = Completion] leading to Limitation, and  [Knowledge + Exploration = Understanding] leading to Expansion

Mark Tyrrell said on his blog; there are seven tips to help you think big and realize your dreams think big. But first, you need to have these three pre-requisite character built in your bone.

  • Vision. To think big, you need to see big.
  • Courage. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
  • Thick skin. If what you have in mind is at all worth doing, then others will express doubts about it along the way.

I condense these seven tips to 4 points to think your way to success:

Digital Composite

Digital Composite

1) Think big by focussing on future regrets

Mark said every day he think about the words of the writer Sydney Smith:

“A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage. Every day sends to their graves obscure men whose timidity prevented them from making the first effort.” It’s a cliché to say: “We regret not the things we did do, but the things we didn’t.” If you have big plans (or even not so big ones), just close your eyes – right now. Yes, right now! And strongly imagine not having even tried; never even having attempted properly and looking back in ten years’ time and wondering: “What if…”

2) Feel it your human duty to think big

When something is potentially a real service to mankind, then it is a human duty to think and act big. I’m thinking mass immunization, clean drinking water, and decent education. But even if what you have to offer isn’t Nobel Peace Prize material, it still pays to think big.

3) Create big thoughts

Unless you can clearly conceive great things for your enterprise, you won’t get there. Become used to sitting down and envisaging in great detail exactly what your goal is.We linked fantasy to practical goal planning, and all I can say is that we under-estimated how far we could take our business.

4) Use the “time machine exercise.”

A warning: There is a danger of getting so taken up with fantasies of success that by the time it actually comes to taking the first steps, all the momentum is lost. If you spend hours strongly imagining having won the lottery, eventually the thought of actually having to buy your ticket seems almost mundane.

So visualize all the steps needed to complete your dreams. You can do this exercise with another person.

  • Make believe you have reached the stage where your dream has “gone big.” (Or let me help you with this part by clicking on the free audio below)
  • Now get the other person to question you as to how exactly you arrived at where you are now (in make-believe land).
  • Your friend needs to be relentless, almost as if trying to catch you out. “What was your very first step to becoming this successful? How did you get the initial money? Who helped you? What are their names? What happened next? What color is the door of your international office? How much is the rent there?”
  • Your job is to be as convincing as possible in your answers. Pretty soon you’ll find it start to feel amazingly real to you. Your friend’s job is to ask as many practical questions as possible. This links fantasy to practicality in a very powerful way.think-big2
  • As you reply, get your friend to write down all the steps, put them in chronological order, and number them. He can also ask “negative questions” like: “What was the hardest thing about all this? What have you had to sacrifice?” (TV watching? PlayStation?) But also: “What does it feel like now?” and: “What’s the best thing about having realized your dream in this way? Describe your typical day now.”
  • Now close your eyes whilst your friend talks you slowly through each step that you have drawn up together. Strongly imagine, as if seeing yourself in a movie, completing all the steps that you had envisaged during the “fantasy interrogation.” Once you have done this, it will become much more likely that you will begin to actualize the real steps toward creating your ultimate goal, rather than just endlessly fantasizing about life once you’ve arrived.

Thinking big is one way of fulfilling your potential, but if you’re an aspiring Hitler or Genghis Khan, disregard all of the above and go retire in Eastbourne.

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