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Easily enough to create this type business model. Many are interested in creating a Solo Ads Business because of many lucrative reasons. Mostly it is easy and becomes very profitable in a very short time frame. Read the review if you are looking to start a Solo Ad Business. If wanting to buy Tier-1 clicks…Contact below.

Let’s Get YOU Learning!

Benefits to being A Solo Ad Provider

  • Working only two hours each day sending a few broadcasts to their lists.
  • Being able to see the money coming in each day verses the money going out.
  • Easy to scale up business model. Very little work for very good results.
  • Very profitable as a your list of subscribers are grown as you earn money.


⦁ Selling Solo Ads is so easy to do that it makes sense to get involved.
⦁ Once the Solo Ad business is learned you can start making money almost immediately.
⦁ Fast start up and even fast money coming in daily
⦁ A Solo Ad Service helps others increase their product sales and grow their business.
⦁ You are able to grow a huge list of subscribers and be in demand. While you make huge profits.
⦁ Most Solo Ad Vendors promote their own products to their own huge lists so as to make even more money.


⦁  Start up costs can be quite expensive due to mentoring requirements. The Solo Ads Business is not something you can learn for free.
⦁  Only basics of this business is discussed or outlined in any free blogs or articles as it appears to be taught by the Solo Ad Vendors themselves.this type
⦁  The mentoring to create such a rapid growth business online, requires money up front. So those not able to afford to spend $4000 to $12,000 on private lessons, and a list, will often fail to make this work.
⦁  High Cost to get started. A list of 2500 to 3000 subscribers, normally costing about $2500-3500 to get, is needed before being able to sell your first 100 clicks to someone for a $35 – $65.00 dollar profit.

 What I’ve Learned as a Solo Ads Vendor

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The Solo Ads Basics start off with a quick but thorough description. Solo Ad Vendors are often accused and criticized by the public. Out of ignorance mostly, as many do not know how Solo Ad Vendors really work. So they are often accused of promoting using bad lists, and bad products as well. However, it is generally because they promote someone else’s products which are questionable that they are often ridiculed. So they tend to take the rap when a product does not work.

And also when a person fails to make money. Even though it was the buyer of the solo ad itself, that was at fault. The person who asked the Solo Ads Vendor to promote their poorly working product,  or a very poorly designed training course, in an email broadcast, is the real culprit here. Not the Solo Ads guy.

Many people who have products, or they are an affiliate to software products, look to someone with a huge list in order to get their product seen by subscribers. Enter the Solo Ads Vendor. The person with the product to promote will buy clicks from Solo Ad Vendors to do get the product seen. The seller buys as many clicks as they can afford to buy.

When they fail to get a good return on their investment, they usually blame the Solo Vendors for perhaps having a bad list, when it is often times the very product the seller uses which does not convert well. Or the target audience is not correct for the product. Solo Ad Vendors are not at fault in most cases. They’ve merely been paid to run the guys ad to their list. And certainly, not all lists are created equal.

Many problems can occur when a seller uses a poorly designed squeeze page, thank you page, or poorly converting products and copyright material. None of which are the Solo Vendors fault. Not all Solo Ad Vendors however, are scrupulous. Just like anyone online, they have been known to buy huge lists from crappy list sellers and try to hawk these lists off to other sellers.

It does happen, so you need to know who you are buying solo ads from. Don’t just see someone and send them money! Not everyone is working online with integrity today. There are a few Solo Ad Vendors who just do not care about anything other than the amount of money they can make. So it is better to get word of mouth referral when it comes to choosing a solo guy. They will normally have lots of satisfied customers.


What is a Solo Ad Vendor?

You must first understand that the majority of people online start out thinking they can make a fortune. Instantly even, by marketing products. Many newbies also believe the hype that they will become rich just by clicking a button or two every few days for a few minutes. Because of this, many target this type group of people. Especially anyone that offers a service like a Solo Ad Vendor.

Opportunity is huge when it comes to helping others advertise online. So, because there are so many easy salable people out there, lots of people decide to promote so called shiny object offers just to make a few easy bucks each day. And they need a way to target people. Most will take the slow road of targeting traffic through SEO, and free marketing. Others, will gladly pay to make money.

New online marketers will believe just about anything someone says, as they do not know any better. It’s actually a shame that marketing has come to this. That people are lied to and taken advantage of. But so is the case here on the internet. A Solo Ad person will try to help someone who needs to reach traffic, by selling them clicks. The Solo Ad person promotes a sellers product to his own list in order to reach the traffic, and be able to charge a fee for this service.

But not everyone is advertising great and helpful products. Solo Ad Vendors have gotten a bad rap, but only because they rent out their list to people like this. Not intentionally trying to wrong someone, but merely trying to make money. Thinking the seller does have a decent product, the Solo Ad is created and ran. When in fact if that seller has a spammy product…Many complain and it normally comes back to the person that provided the list which was advertised to. Here lies the conundrum.

Solo Ad Vendors rent out their huge lists they’ve built, to buyers who market anything and everything on the internet. Often called buying clicks. Or paid for advertising. Buyers will pay to get their link in front of a huge list of new and potential subscribers. So they buy clicks from Solo Ad Vendors, who have built their list over time by promoting their own products.

Even though there are often great products being marketed this way, some speculate that many people are just spamming others to get more addresses so they build their own list they can then market to, later on. These types often promote worthless products in order to grow such a list. It is one reason why Solo Ad Vendors have taken lots of heat with this type of business.

Because of the misuse from sellers with shiny and attracting ad offers who just want to build a bigger list they can sell to others, the so called legit Solo Ad Vendors see many questionable eye-brows being raised. But likewise with anyone offering to advertise products. People tend to cast blame on the wrong person most the time. It happens with any service available today, whether online or off.

We cannot email worthless products and expect to make money online. It just doesn’t work. So mostly people are promoting products that do indeed convert well, especially when having to pay for clicks. That means the products being marketed through a Solo Ad Vendors list are good products. And in this case there are very few complaints.


More About the Solo Ads Business

A solo ad vendor uses this type of marketing to their advantage, but it does not mean they take advantage of others. They take into consideration the majority of people online wanting to get rich quick, of course. But for the most part, a Solo Ads Vendor is trying to help direct tens of thousands of people to find these good products or programs being offered, which are legit.

Solo Ad Vendors provide a great service. Not hype or scams. I’m sure however there are some with huge lists that just do care about the quality of what or who they promote. This happens in any business everywhere though. Not just online.

Shiny object or attracting ads are everywhere. Shiny lures. There will always be this type of stuff going on. Spammy type offers and other stuff that does not work no matter how it is worded or advertised. In other words, something that is being sold, that is known not to work. Spammy software, programs and products.

So it is the job of the Solo Ad Vendors to make sure that the person they advertise for, has a legit product being promoted. Even though not so much a part of a Solo Ad guys own business to know these details .I think it only fair that they have a sense of integrity. Its important to be able to say no, if the product someone asks them to offer, is known to be a scam. That they choose not to have anything to do with that type of online marketer.

Millions of new online marketers, and even more experienced marketers will click on these so called shiny object offers that are worthless. Sign in pages are out there by the millions saying you can fill in the blanks and then become rich over night. This cannot be helped. As there is no law enforcement.

Opportunity seekers are abundant online, and they are taken advantage of by unscrupulous types. And they always will be. It is not the solo ad vendor that causes people to want to promote instant success products. Or software that just does not work. The Solo Ad Vendors sometimes get stuck in the middle.

It is not the Solo Ad Vendors fault they promote someone’s offer and that offer causes another person to fail to become wealthy. Because the internet is full of advertisements just like this.


What is often seen…

“I made $10,000.00 dollars in less than 23 days.” Or, “Make instant cash by duplicating my secret system!” Or, “Grow your business over night with this seldom used secret formula.”

The Solo Ads Vendor only advertises what the buyer of the solo ad, has to offer. The offer is not the Solo Ad Vendors offer, but someone else’s offer. Solo ad Sellers promote the guys offer because they are being paid to do so. What that offer is, is seldom checked out in detail. Nor does a Solo Ad Vendor want to spend hours going over someone else’s product. They are not the Police.

But as stated before, if the Solo Ads Vendor knows the offer he is expected to promote for someone is bogus, he has the right not to promote it, and should refuse to make any money in this way. No matter how lucrative.

Imagine for a moment that quick get rich stuff like this really did work.That stuff like this really did make people money online. The whole world would then be online clicking away from their home office or den, instead of working a regular job. Right? But very few people who get online ever make any money. Because online marketing is much more difficult and time consuming than most people are lead to believe. And most will give up after the first few weeks when they fail to make any money at all.

The reason people are deceived, is because of scammers who promote worthless products for cash. With these shiny object advertisements (or scams) from people who want to get rich themselves, the internet world is full to the brim of deception. And false promises.These types always want to try and make a quick buck and they promote such scandalous offers just to make money themselves. Off of so called ‘unsuspecting newbies,’ who are seeking instant riches online.

The solo ads vendor is one who promotes and helps people reach an audience by emailing their own list, or renting out such list for cash from buyers. Solo ads work well and always will. But often times the Solo Ad Vendor is seen as part of this percentage of people who are just trying to make a fast buck. They are not. They merely offer a service to anyone who wants to advertise.

Solo ad vendors sell a portion of their list to online marketers. This enables the buyer of the solo ad to reach people and show them their online offers through emails. Instead of using free marketing techniques and strategies, persons who buy ads from solo vendors are willing to pay to reach their traffic, as long as they see good results.

People who have a product, whether their own or an affiliate product, are willing to buy clicks which means the Solo Ad Vendors provide them with a certain amount of addresses. By sending out a broadcast to our own list, or (an email) a vendor will place the buyers link inside such email. When someone clicks on the email, a click is generated. The buyer pays the vendor for these clicks.

I have time to coach one student to two students at a time. (ONLY) Comment below if you are interested in making a great deal of revenue online for working about one hour per day. In six month it is possible to be making $3000 $4000 per month. But you need the one-on-one training for these results. Decide now if you want a real business that takes you to the top in six months… Or a slow moving business that will have you working full time for the next 3 to 7 years for peanuts.

What is Buying Clicks

The vendor sells clicks to anyone wanting access to their list. A click is generated when someone clicks on an email url. Thousands pay for this Solo Ad Service, of buying clicks to promote their products. Normally because they have a product that converts, and it becomes a matter of time and numbers before the seller makes a profit by promoting under a Solo Ad Vendor. Vendors use their very own subscribers list to deliver these offers to.

But a click is not an open, even though clicks are what are sold to the seller. A seller needs to get opens. They need to see that their email advertisement, or broadcast, is going to get opens. This way they know their product was being viewed.

The vendor constantly has to replace those on his list. People get tired of being sent products each day, and then unsubscribe. So the Solo Ads Vendor has to keep a fresh list of new subscribers coming in.

A click is generated when someone opens an email.

And an ‘open’ is generated when someone opens the link inside this email and takes a look at the offer from the email. These Clicks and Opens have to be tracked so that the buyer and seller know when the quota has been reached.

If a person buys 100 clicks, they often only get 30 to 40 percent open rate. And the average cost of 100 (wholesales) clicks is $35.00 (retail price is normally above $65.00). (Assume you are solo ads vendor yourself and you buy click from other solo vendor, so I will use $35 as an example) – If you get 35 opens for $35 dollars, you’ve just paid one dollar to advertise your product to that one subscriber on the Vendors list. Which is about the going rate.

Being a Solo ads provider or vendor means we offer a service. We help people get their products or programs to a targeted group of opportunity seekers. The vendor puts the offer in some ones inbox who is looking for this type of opportunity. Paid advertising is big business on the internet and it works very well. When done correctly with products that convert well.

Online Marketers know that if they pay to reach people, a certain amount of these people will buy their product. So as long as they make a small profit during this exchange, money out, verses more money in, it is a win-win situation.

They then duplicate this on a daily basis to make money and grow or scale up their marketing business. Buying solo ads is just one way to scale up something that is already working.

Solo Ad vendors are not in the business to just make money and do nothing for their clients. They are in the business to sell clicks, sure. But not just sell clicks. They provide a service to millions and help advertise products to consumers.

Solo ad vendors market themselves to do this task, and also know if they have a happy customer or client who is getting opens at a high rate and making money, that person will return and buy more clicks from them. Thus the Solo Ads Vendor makes their own profit. And builds a huge list at the same time, ensuring high percentages of opens for their next buyer.

So a big part of the business-end of being a solo ads provider comes from word-of-mouth. Repeat business will not happen if a solo ads vendor has poor results. As long as we keep a fresh list of subscribers we will always have people wanting to pay us for solo ads.

We easily justify our service because we know a small percentage of people online are able to now find legitimate programs and other offers of which they can learn and build a business from.

In the Solo ads business a certain amount of clicks means the buyer has paid us for a certain amount of people clicking on the link they’ve asked us to promote to our list by way of an email message. But our buyers don’t just want a click, they are wanting the person on the other end to open their ad, or link, and look at the offer. And then buy that offer.

Just having someone click a url or the email they see and not opening it, is common and happens often. It counts as a click being sold. But it does no good for the buyer who has paid for say 100 clicks to just get an email clicked on. They want the person on the other end see their ad, so the email needs to get clicked on and then their link opened up so their advertisement can be viewed. And hopefully purchased.

You Can Make $35 Dollars For 100 Clicks (Note: $35 is wholesale solo vendor price, most of people aren’t able to get that price unless they become solo vendor themselves)

For instance. If I sell you 100 clicks, for $35 dollars, and you have a great offer and great squeeze page all set up, called a funnel, I would send a broadcast email to my list until you got these 100 clicks you paid for.

Exactly what you pay for. That means 100 people have clicked on the email they received. But it does not mean the link inside was viewed. Or that the link inside was even clicked on. It just counts as a click when the URL is clicked on.

Now out of these 100 clicks, you would hopefully go on to get an average of  about 30 to 40 percent of these clicks, turn into real opens and views. The advertisement is looked at, which gives the buyer of the solo ad a chance to sell that product or offer. When a buyer sells an offer it will perhaps pay for their solo ads, and even go on to turn a quick profit. Or make even more money so they can go buy more clicks.

It’s not enough to sell someone a click though. The buyer needs to get their links opened and viewed. Only an open will result in a sale. So it takes many clicks, many opens and many people looking at their offers to eventually sell a product or program being advertised. People do buy, but only a small percentage. Maybe 1 to 3 percent. So it’s a numbers game of course. The more numbers, the more sales.

This open and click rate needs to be tracked to keep everyone honest. And also to have the information and stats at our fingertips so we can make a better funnel, a more profitable offer, etc.

We are able to track this open and click rate through Click Magick. The software works well for solo ads. Do not open an account just yet. We will get to Click Magick tracking software a little later. Click Magick also allows us to redirect links, share links, and keep track of them so we can keep score.

These links are also redirected through a responder as well. Each person who is involved in the solo ads transaction will want to keep track of this so everyone has a record. That means the buyer, as well as the seller.

Will you ever sell clicks to someone that is not tracking the link they give you? Maybe, but only one or two percent. Most will already know that they need to track their links for keeping a record and getting the best results by being able to change and upgrade their funnel if it is not working adequately.

Keeping track of the clicks and opens, allows to further make a better or improved converting broadcast, a better converting link, or advertisement, and better squeeze pages and thank you pages, and better converting bonuses and offers that are linked onto the thank you pages.  Testing is important when first starting out.

All these things work together to get a higher percentage of opens per this sample given before of 100 clicks that were purchased. An open rate of 50 percent is not out of the ordinary from those who know how to create good ads and offer highly converting products. But for the most part, a range of 25 to 40 opens per 100 clicks is the norm.

The higher percentages are created from experienced marketers who know how to create great funnels and have great products. Lessor percentages are obtained from newer marketers who are just getting started.

It is not the solo ad vendors responsibility to over-see the products or advertisements and the quality of the above. This rests on the buyers who are using a solo ad vendor. Even though in most cases if the percentages are poor, the solo ads vendor will be accused of not having a good list. When it is very seldom their fault at all.


Conclusion to Solo Ad Business

Starting a solo ads business will allow you to build your own list of subscribers you can eventually market your own products to. As well as sell clicks to others, and earn money while building that very list. It’s a win-win. You provide a legit service, and you get paid for it, while making money in several ways.

Everyone always says the money is in the list. But not really. It is definitely in having a list, but there is way more to marketing than just having a huge list. You must also have converting products.

Content has always been key for successful people online. Products and legit information that help others make money, are way more sought after and profitable than products that do not help. The very key to  marketing successfully means being able to solve a problem others are having.

Helping other people earn money online earn money, is a good way to make money yourself. Thus the Solo Ads Business. It is a service of helping online marketers reach their targeted audience. And a very lucrative business that only requires a few hours a day.

If you are interested in learning the Solo Ads Business contact me at or leave a comment below. For coaching prices and private lessons request me on Skype: paulfannet I do train in this area when I have the time. With a huge list you can grow just about any business to extreme revenue proportions. Having yourself a Top Tier and premium list to market to is highly profitable in the online world today.

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