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I know its only $1,but u see ,I don’t have a penny to my name.. I had to go to church to get help with food,rent, husband just lost his job..I haven’t worked in years..I can’t even buy a can of soda. Much less anything else…Let me ask you this, why is it when someone says to try this ,its free and then you come to find out its not, why can’t someone make system up for people ( like me) to start, join and to pay for sites,products, to be taken out of our first commission money we make..that way our foot is in the door,and we get to see how it works.. And if we don’t like it, we can leave after we get our money and pay the bill with that money..?????????
Thank you
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Thank you very much for your email. I appreciate your sharing, and I understand. I was in negative money situation before.  I was in a foreclosure and even worse, a year later, I have to file BK7. It takes me a decade to get back my feet. But I thank God that I have a loving family to support me during these down time.  I worked hard and saved every penny, and I am glad I can start something I always dream to do. I still working 8 to 5 to support the bill for the online business.

I would encourage you to read my book or any book about list building first. It is an essential concept to earn legit income on the internet. Although my book is $7+ at Amazon but it is yours 100% Free. Just download through this link.

After that, get a 100% free WordPress or Wix account and start blogging. Just write something or better, write something you felt happy to write and dream big. Your niche can be anything you love to, and everything makes you excited.  Even better, record some videos about your passion in your blog and upload to YouTube. Pray every day and keep the precious Mind positive. Dream big dreams and get goals frequently. I know it is harder than say it, but that’s why we pray God to help us. This way, you will gradually build your presence on the web.

The online systems I promoted are does not created by me, and they do have to charge a fee to enroll. But you know there is always a cost associated with the system or a product. I can offer my product for free, and that is not going to help you a lot because you still need to buy the traffic to market it. If you have 660 credit score or above, you can get a personal business loan; Otherwise, I would suggest you to find a temporary job and save money before investing in the online business. There is some alternative, and I will share them all with you.

For those of you who want to be success in the on-line business, you should focus only on two things:
1. Get the Traffic (Free or Paid Traffic)
2. Mail out through Auto Responder (Aweber Email Marketing)
Based on my research, there are at least 10 ways you can start a business without funding, or make money without a job. It is not an easy task, but it is doable. The amount of money that you can make from the internet business is really limited by what you can do, how is your skill and whether or not you are comfortable of promoting yourself. All sell is really to sell you, as a product; therefore, unless you built up a reputation for yourself, the opportunities won’t stay with you forever.
This is a condense version from titled 60 Awesome Ways to Make Money Without a Job. I choose the thing I know, or I did before and remove those I don’t think will work. Here is the list.
#1, You can go to the library or your home, if you have internet access at the house, and browse the online survey website and to earn rewards in the form of gift cards. You can search these sites as follows:
#2, Get paid to test website. You can sign up these websites. They paid $10 flat for every site review you complete.
#3, Start a Blog. You can sign up with WordPress or others to create a free website and start your own blog in no time. Blogging is a great investment in terms of time and money because an article you wrote for 4 hours will end up available for viewing as long as your site is up. Once you have a blog, you can start a seller page in to help people to write a short blog for $5. After you build enough blog, you can self-publish your own book. I did it.  Check out these blog websites.
Note: These are free blogging platforms that allow you to build a site quickly and for free. Start with these, get a feel for how this whole blogging thing works, then you can move on and buy your own domain name and hosting. At that point, I would suggest you build your blog using WordPress (this is the .org version of its which is for self-hosted sites).
#4, Once you have enough audience, you can be an Affiliate Marketer. You job is to provide the link in your blog, and if your reader purchases it through the link, you will make a commission. You can find affiliate product in these websites:
#5, You can post ads on Upwork or other websites to be a Virtual Assistant. VA is basically a secretary from your computer. You will be expecting to do the administrative work like research internet, email response, data entry and organize information.
#6, As mentioned a little bit earlier, you can offer any service on Fiverr and other similar sites. The basic gig is $5 and you can offer custom gig and charge more. I still offer website design gig in Fiverr; I made $200-$300 for the item I share.
#7, Get paid to search and surf the web. It is sort of side-income, but multiple types of sides income can add up to primary income.
#8, Make money on Videos. People are using talking video on the regular basis. YouTube has become a way to earns money on the internet. Top 10 channels on YouTube make at least $20,000 a month.
#9, Run a Virtual Storefront and selling the item you made. This is a great way to organize a business without having to start your own website essentially. After your setup the storefront, you will need to market it and drive traffic to it.
#10, Sell some of you stuff.
Unless you’re intentionally trying not to get an official job, there’s a good chance that some of these might lead to more long term employment. There’s also the added benefit of any type of entrepreneurial endeavor: your wages aren’t fixed. That can be good or bad, but when it’s good, it’s really good.
I didn’t include any online revenue share, ForeEx, high yield investment opportunity here because it is too risky. When you have no money, it is likely that you didn’t make money and re-invest it properly. You should save 20% of your income and buy the marketing (traffic) and point to your traffic. Drive traffic to your opt-in page so you can collect the email. The email list is your asset of scale up and earns passive income. Once you have 1000 subscribers and above, it will be easier for you to grow faster. Then you can get your own domain and host company here.
Truly yours,
Paul Fan
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