How to Make Money Online for Teen!

How to Make Money Online for Teen!

Total starting cost $1 for the first month. $35 for the rest of the month.

Total income potential. $55 per offer.

You just need to have 1 customer per month; then you are in profit.

Here are the 7 detail steps:

  1. Get a web hosting account and an affiliate account with the popular web hosting company.

Cost: 1cent for the first month.

  1. Create a blog in WordPress through your CPanel, and installed the plug-ins and the ability to duplicate your site for your customers to save time when creating the new site.

Cost: Free.


  1. Setup an Auto responder at and create an opt-in form.

      Here is how to create our MailChimp opt-in/sign-up form (some people call it landing page or squeeze page).

  • Log into MailChimp and click on the list you would like to work with.
  • Then click on SignUp Forms.
  • Click on General Forms.
  • You can customize any part of the form by clicking on the edit button when you hover over the element.
  • Once you have it as you like it, copy and paste the URL from MailChimp into your image widget on WordPress. Now your image is linked to the sign up.

Cost: Free

  1. Offer $5 website at but people must use the Hosting company you use.

Income: $5 per website plus you made $50 from the web hosting company as an affiliate.

  1. Create New Facebook, YouTube channel, and Instagram account to market your service. Remember these new accounts are for your business only, not for your personal account. Post related information, educational and value videos to these social websites daily. Find your friends who interested in owning a personal or business website to get a 1 cent service from you. You can offer them 1 cent website as long as they choose the same Web Hosting company through your affiliate link. You told them you waive $4.99 because they are your friends as you can show them that your service in is $5.

Cost: Free.

  1. Redirect your social following up to the opt-in pages you created in Make sure you have your website and opt-in/landing page everywhere in your social channels.

Cost: Free

  1. Concentrate on building your account email lists. Start to send your prospect daily email even though you only have 1 subscriber. When you start to make money, reinvest the money to buy the following paid traffic source and send the offer to your landing page to grow your email list. or

Please let me know if you have any question.

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