How to make good prospects come to you

The bear hunter does not chase his prey.

A bear that knows it is hunted is nearly impossible to catch and is ferocious if cornered.

Instead, the hunter lays traps baited with honey.

He does not exhaust himself and risk his life in pursuit.

He baits.

Then he waits.

Good marketers make prospects come to them. They do not chase leads. When you enduce your clients come to you, they don’t resist you. This gives you power. It puts you in control of the sale.

Rookie marketers are never in control because they chase the prey.

They’re using social media as a weapon to acquire clients.

But their judgement is clouded.

Social media is a weapon of self destruction.

It depletes your power and your authority.

Social media marketers knock on doors trying to offer a solution, but they look like beggars.

On the other hand…

The top earners never chase sign ups.

They successfully practice paid traffic techniques to make others come to them.


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Because of the obvious super-advantages, of course.

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