How to Get What You Want

How to Get What You Want

by Paul Fan

Happy Monday. Today I am going to talk about how to achieve your Goals?

First, I think the main reason that we don’t achieve our goal is that we didn’t take it seriously.

I don’t mean you are not serious about your Goal. I mean most of us just let our Goal sit there for a long time without even reviewing them on a regular basis, or ever taking any action steps toward the completion of them. The goal setting won’t work if we only review our goals on a monthly or yearly basis. I suggest reviewing the goal at least weekly, or better daily, so we won’t complain that we didn’t accomplish any of our goals at new year eve, or saying something like setting doesn’t work. That is what I mean for not getting serious about your goal.

How to overcome this problem? There are positive and negative tricks that I suggest you can try them to overcome the problem as follows: Of course there are other skills you need to know here. 

Positive Pressure:

I believe everyone in any areas achieving the result they want, they all have one thing in common – they set goal. The number one reason why they can accomplish their goal and become who they are now mainly because they are taking their goal very seriously. They review their goal regularly. They don’t want to not keeping their words. They have a strong ‘Why’ that associated with the goal they want to achieve. This strong ‘Why’ causes a strong ‘Pressure’ in their life, and this enough positive ‘Pressure’ actually help them to take action and eventually achieve their goal. This is a positive motivation of achieving goals.

Negative Cost Analysis:

I am not a big believer of negative motivation or thought/thinking. I believe we should think everything positively. However, I found, sometimes we can also use negativity force to motivate us to achieve our goals. The negative motivation will be something like if I don’t achieve this Goal in 1 year, 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years etc., what would it cost me? What would I be, etc? This is powerful as many of us are sometimes driven by pain or negative.

Second, How goal works? Why we set the goal? You know I believe that goal works because it is a GPS of our life. Most importantly, I believe the ‘Thought eventually becomes Things’ and it is a universal law just like the law of gravity on earth. We must know that where we are right now is not where we will be in the future because everything changes. Everything thing will be either improved or dis-improved. When you feel dissatisfaction in your life, the dissatisfaction become a powerful force and it can be your GPS and your thought to your success. That’s how Goal setting is working.

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Action plan:

1. I believe we should do every day is being trained to have the best condition of physical status everyday. Therefore, I suggest we all first have a goal of exercising daily. I set my goal to exercise daily after I wake up and before go to work. I also have a plan B. My plan B is to exercise after work if I cannot do the exercise in the morning.

2. I also recommend you to write down an area that you are dissatisfied about yourself and pressure yourself to create the goal to overcome that.

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