Top Three Most Profitable Online Business – How to create your product and make money

Top 3 most profitable online business system part 2 of 2:

Continue with yesterday affiliate marketing; there is one important thing I forgot to mention. According to John Chow (, the experience online marketer, and trainer, he said very often in his blog that the money is in the subscribers list. I personally believe that if you have 1000 subscribers, you should make $1000 per month at the minimum. You will find many top leaders and big affiliate markers all have a very big email subscribers list. Therefore, you should use the email service like Aweber ( or Get Response ( to manage the list and build the email relationship. Both Aweber and Get Response has a free trial account for all new sign-ups, and you can also cancel at any time.  Once you have the Aweber, you can use the InstaBuilder2 ( if you know WordPress very well; or Power Lead System ( if you are very new to online marketing business; or Click Funnel, if you have some experiences on the on-line marketing already to create you landing page (opt-in page) and integrate to your auto-responder seamlessly. Let’s continue to discuss the top 3 most profitable online business. Part 2.



  1. The Affiliate Marketing Model
  2. The Owning Your Product Model 
  3. The Licensing Model

Ok, today, I like to talk about the 2nd way to generate the on-line income. It is to own your own product. If you think the affiliate marketing is very profitable, think again. There are so many affiliate marketers, and they are all doing one same thing; they market the owner’s product. That’s right. If you are the product owner and if you have a very good and a very marketable product, you can name your price and have virtually unlimited affiliates to fight each other to market your products. The easiest product that you can create I believe is the informational product. Because it is a virtual product, it does not require all the traditional costs to produce a physical product. You just, for example, an eBook, software, a membership site, a video training serious and can be accessed through the internet, and therefore, is easy to create as long as you have an idea. I have created my personal product in 3 weeks earlier this year. My product is called and is teaching people how to build their traffic, email list, and on-line business. You can take a look here: The easiest product that you can create I believe is the informational product. Because it is a virtual product, and it does not require all the traditional building costs as those in the physical products. You just, for example, create an eBook, software, a membership site, a video training serious, and make sure they can all be accessed through the internet with an automatically download. It is the easiest to create product as long as you have a good idea. I have created my personal products with eBook and Video training website in 3 weeks earlier this year. My product is called Unlimited Traffic System and is teaching people how to build their traffic, marketing with auto responder and find the affiliates to market your products. You can find my product here at In general, the advantage of creating your own online informational product is as follows:

  1. It has the lowest cost and highest profit margin possible than virtually all other products.
  2. It can be scaled to any size and easy to automate.
  3. The price is based on your information and how much value you created for others.

The famous blogger, John Chow ( said that most bloggers have enough blog posts to make an eBook already. Therefore, you already have your own product if you have 30 days worth of blogs post. It is not very hard that you just need to put all the information together as an eBook and sell it as an informational product. You can sell your product yourself or sell it in JVZoo, Click Bank or Warrior Plus website. The advantage of selling your product over those websites is because they have tons of affiliate markers visiting them. Images thousands of affiliate at JVZoo and ClickBank all want to promote your product.  If your product is listed at those sites, you will have more chance to be contacted by the affiliate and have your product sold. In the beginning, you may want to create your own eBook and sell at the low price like just under $10 (because when people don’t know you, they may only conformable spending $10 or less), or give away in exchange subscribers’ email list. Many, even experienced marketers, people shy away from creating their own product, and this is an incorrect mindset. But if you just start to blog every day, and at the same time creating your eBook content, in less than 30 days, you will have 30-40 pages of eBook content that you can sell or give away. If you don’t really know what to write or how to write a good blog or article, you can also ask the freelancer or hire someone through to write the eBook for you. You just need to work with many and find one or two that you can work with long term as my experiences is that many of them are copy-cat and plagiarism is a big problem today. I wrote my own eBook myself but I try to find someone to write another eBook for me, that’s why I found the plagiarism problem among many sellers at UTS-Product-Signup You also need a website to host your blog. If you don’t know how to launch your own website, you can ask other to do it for you as well. If you need help, you can sign up my UTS-Autopilot program (, I will create a nice and professional web blog site for you, so you don’t have to do anything yourself because the site I designed will automatically post the blog for you as well. I have 10+ experiences of creating the websites.  In that case, although you will need to add some creation cost to your product, but you will have your own product in just a few days instead of months or longer. Once you learn more about the internet marketing business, you can do the same for others. If you are not well known and afraid that no affiliate will like to partner with you to sell you product for you. You can partner up with other well-known marketers and ask to put his/her name on your eBook. If you don’t know any of the top earner or well-known internet marketers, you can just purchase their product that comes with coaching program, and ask them to do you a favor. Most of them would be more than happen to help you, or at least write a testimonial for you on your eBook. Also, you should continue to create your information product all the time. The First reason is that it is just like you pick up new affiliate product every once a while, you should also launch your new product launch every once a while as well. As described earlier, you can have your content, video, website, etc all outsources out, so you only focus on how to create a topic, an idea, or a solution to other people’s problem. The Second reason is that you need to have an upsell offers. When one customer purchased your 1st product, you should offer another related product, like a premium version of your product to your customer. This is called an upsell. If you really don’t have any extra product, at least, you need to offer a coaching offer to your customers. You will surprise that many people are looking for someone like you to take their hand, step by step, win the game of internet marketing. In my product UTS (, I have a basic eBook sell for $9.95, and then there is a $37.95 automation tools to sell the entire website plus opt-in page, member page and automation tools, and then $14.95/monthly coaching program. I also have a book publishes at Amazon that related to this niche at By writing this book; I went from just blogger to a published author: Amazon-SignUp-IntoProfit-AuthorPage The profit on the selling of the eBook is not very important to me at this stage. My main purposes are to be able to become an authority in this niche. I believe that creating your own product is the most profitable among all 3 business models I mentioned here. I felt that all internet marketers will eventually create their own information product since today, almost everyone has their own blogging site. It is so very easy to outsourcing everything online. If you are still feeling no confidence of creating your own product, as long as you made money on the affiliate marketing, you can start to create your own product through your existing blog, or you can outsource everything out to freelancers. The point is that you need to take action. Again, if I am not confusing you too much on this blog post, the easiest way to create your own product is to convert your blog to an eBook. You then can sell it or give it for free. This is how your build your own reputation and authority in your chosen field as well. I hope this information help. Tomorrow, I am going to introducing amazing Licensing Model that not many people think about.  Until them, to your success. Best Regards, Paul Fan

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