How to convert freebie seekers into buyers

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According to Ben Settle, his short answer is:

You sell ‘em something.

A better answer, though, is from this ex-freebie seeker’s own confession. This is what Ben wrote to his subscriber as follows:


Confession of an Eternal Tyrekicker
I am writing this to confess that your wicked ways work.

The context….

I hoard information. I am an info junkyard – an alphabet algae – a web janitor to be precise.

And while i always got the kick while gobbling up your free podcasts, it’s you putting them behind a paid curtain that has their stature raised in my prying eyes.

Now, I am actually looking forward to them.

Suddenly and strangely, they seem more valuable, though it is the same content that was accessible to me for last few month but, I used to take that info for granted.

No more. Even if for peanuts, it has value for me.

A huge psychological kick to my lazy groin.

Now I am waiting, as in really waiting … And it has saved me the painful route of doling out free value till time immemorial just to look nice while staying broke.

Broke like a broken broom.

I am grateful, master. For your deft ways are subtle ….

Hail the King of Virtual Villains

I shall do you proud one day.

“King of Virtual Villains”

Ben said he hereby accept that title.

Hail to the king, baby…

Anyway, so I gave you the “what” to do to convert fire-breathing freebie seekers into repentant buyers, seeking your gracious forgiveness. Now, for the “how” to do it. There are several ways to go about it. But, in my humble (but accurate) opinion nothing beats good, old fashioned “retro” email.

Specifically, the way Ben teach it.

But you can learn how in my “UTS” system.

When you Sing Up Today you get a free copy of my book “Signup INTO Profit” emailed to your directly, just shoot me an email and let me know. And also, I will include an unadvertised video of me teaching some of my best stuff in Internet.

Your Coach and Friend,
Paul Fan

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