How can use these 4 few talks about rules can guarantee your chance of winning and succeeding?

How can 4 tools overcome your mental laziness?

Identify your mental block and back to the person that you want to become is very important.

Do you ever have these mental blocks that prevents you from succeeding?

Sometimes you felt that you are back to the cycles of the negative and de-motivation stage? It is not uncommon and many experiences this issue.

You want to make sure you have set your goal higher and ready to work 10 times harder – Grant Cardone 10x rule talk about that.

Then you know you can only achieve your goal by visualizing it to the present time and do it at the present time. To say that, it is different between the dreamer and successor. Dream only and take no constructive action and successor dream too and they take the stuff needed to be completed today and add them up to the future work to achieve their dream.  Gary Keller and Jay Papasan talk about that in the book called One Thing. I also have a blog for the summary of the book.

After you know what you want, you know you need to work hard, and you know the very one thing that you need to do Now to achieve your goal, you will need to have the discipline to do it.  Mel Robbin has a book called  5 seconds rule and it is one of the best books about overcome procrastination with your conscious efforts book. I have this book describing it in my another archile here.

1. Get the higher goal and work 10x harder

2. Bring goal to the actionable steps of the present time

3. Select to do that one thing first

4. Do it now with 5-4-3-2-1  5 seconds rule

These are the rule to kick-start your business or your life!

Whenever you don’t feel like doing it. Just review the 4 sequences and you will overcome the mental blocks.

Best Regards,

Paul Fan

P.S. Surprisingly, I found out that it that it had nothing to do with the experience of even luck. This is what I discovered here


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