The Grave of the email marketing is coming?

The Grave of the email marketing is coming?

Most of the online market has income coming from email-based.

As a matter of fact, many can trace every single dollar in the bank account to the amount of email sending out. 

In addition, imagine that most responded emails that turn into sales are those old school emails without images and other distractions diagram or chart (i.e. not like those I normally sent – as matter of fact, you see image and video in my email all day long).

These old school email has not been touch and it had just been emailing again and again when new subscribers join in.

Isn’t this strategy work for a wonderful online entrepreneur living style? Talk about a simple way to make an extraordinary income.

This is not bragging about the easiness of the email marketing biz, but actually, to warn you about a new trend may be coming this year that will threaten how email marketing work soon.

Would it be possible that the ending of the email marketing is really coming?

As you can see the opening rate and click through rate (CTR) are lower and lower every day. If you are in online marketing biz now, you know what I am talking about, correct? 

(You can always contact me through Skype ‘paulfannet’ if you have questions – or check out these marketing other people do so you can learn) 

This is true for various niche including business opportunity, personal finance, personal development, health/weight loss, and dating.  

Although this might not apply to the e-commerce niche though.

But I want to say something about my opinion in this:

Although all these facts about Open and CTR rates are true, email is still a leading marketing method that leads to actual dollars.

I am not talking about I ran and generated $7.5 earning per clicks on my last campaign, but about the entire online marketing community.

Maybe I’m just lucky for my previous campaign because I never made eight bucks a click all the time. 

But here is my email strategy for 2017 – 2018 

(If you want to see how other do it, you can observe how the funnel flow in this strategy).

According to my research, I believe the email is still going to be the main stream of communication tool. It will not go to disappear or move down to the 2nd or 3rd position anywhere yet. 

In fact, I am going to spend more time to increase the volume of the email sent and size of the newsletter recipients.

I encourage you to do the same. You cannot afford not to use email to market today and this is true for either online or brick and mortar business.

If you refuse to email hard, you are giving your subscribers the permission to buy from your competitors. 

And that is what I encourage you to focus on the email marketing and don’t be stupid not to do so.

If you understand what I am talking about, you should grow your email marketing business gradually. It is the backbone of every business and you are building a solid foundation. 

Don’t know what to do?

Check out a couple of my email server setup and ESP (Email service provider) review on Youtube and in my blog, you will get the clear direction. 

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