Getting Traffic In The Most Effective And Cost-Efficient Way

Getting Traffic In The Most Effective And Cost-Efficient Way

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Where To Buy
1. Facebook Testimonial Groups:

• Solo Ad Sales Testimonial Group (Preferred):

• Solo Ad Testimonials:

2. Recommendations of other vendors (ask for whom they would recommend)

How To Buy – General Guidelines
New vendors – traffic is usually hot and high-converting, yet difficult to scale (100-200 clicks is usually the limit). Trying them out usually pays off. Better price, over-delivery, good results.
Top Dogs – find one with high-converting list (good testimonials) and scale. Investing in 2-3 vendors, getting 3k clicks from each can allow you to scale your business, get fresh buyer-able leads and skyrocket commissions in the matter of days/few weeks.
Make sure to carefully approach the process of buying clicks. The higher quality clicks you get – the higher your ROI and commissions are. Every cent matters. 5-10% saved on traffic buys means 5-10% increase in profits
Filter FB testimonial groups looking for vendors with SALES. Contact as many as 10-30 vendors, then weight options and offers. You don’t need to buy at the spot.

How To Buy – General Guidelines – 2
The fresher is your list, the more clicks, optins and sales it generates. Once you know your numbers and ROI you need to keep momentum and scale. Very, very important.
Negotiate wisely. Getting a better price, T1, or mobile % should not decrease your optin rates and engagement.
Do 1-2 week pauses between runs when buying from same vendor. If the results degrade, take a longer pause.
Start slow with new vendors. 100-200 clicks.
Once the results are looking good, scale to 300-500-1000 and further on. Solo Ads allow to truly Accelerate your list and business growth.

How To Buy – General Guidelines – 3
• Create and maintain your master vendor rolodex. Capture negotiated conditions, results, etc.
• Revisit the terms every 2-3 runs. Ask for lower CPC, mobile %, higher OD and T1
• Ninja Tip: Vendors will ask for a testimonial once the solo is complete. If you are promoting a biz op, mention results in your testimonials. The better your results (sales, ROI) are, the sooner people will start approaching you asking what is the offer you promote. These are also Leads (hot, pre-sold, ready to invest). Your chance to continue the conversation and recommend products.

Questions To Ask
“What’s the max clicks they can deliver and what are the timelines?” Gives you an idea of the size of the vendor and how often you can buy.
What’s the expected T1% (People from US, CA, GB, NZ, AU) (aim at 85+, can negotiate extra %% of T1 at same price)
Can they separate Desktop From Mobile clicks or increase % of desktop traffic? (mobile clicks sometimes convert a bit worse – 0-30% desktop is preferred)
When can they send – SET a delivery due date yourself

“Hey. I’m looking for some clicks. What’s your best deal for me, max you can send and the soonest date ? ”
“Can you limit mobile traffic to 0-30% / deliver 90% T1”?
“Is 40c the best you can do? I’m looking to refresh my rolodex of trusted vendors whom I’d buy on regular basis (1k+ on weekly/monthly). I’m normally buying in 30-35c range. Can we arrange something like that for bigger orders?”
Make sure to create your own versions of these ones, especially the last one.

How To Negotiate
The prices vendors offer through a private conversation are almost always lower than their official “solo ad page” ones.
Smart negotiation can guarantee you better cpc and delivery terms in vast majority of cases.
Same goes with speed of delivery. Through negotiation you can get far better terms than their average client.
When negotiating, stay friendly and cool. Negotiation is about establishing a friendly mutually beneficial relationship and connection with the vendor.

Negotiation Tactics
Tactic 1: start by asking what’s the max amount of clicks they can send, and the price they can give on that amount. Check if they can give a better price if you set up a monthly subscription with them. Then propose to test out how your funnel performs with 200-300 and whether you can have the same price.
Same goes for date of delivery. Negotiate faster delivery. Tell them you will reorder if you see good results sooner rather than later, so they will make more money instantly.
Solo vendors DREAM is a monthly recurring client.

Negotiation Tactics – 2
Tactic 2: Simply ask for a first-time buyer discount.
Tactic 3: Name a certain CPC lower than what they ask for and lower than what you are prepared to pay. Example: Vendor says 40c. You tell them you only buy at 30c max (prepared to buy at 35c).
Tactic 4: If you are not in a rush, see if they can give a better price if you accept a slow delivery and a pause of 1-3 days if they need to squeeze someone in. video testimonial for better price and terms

Additional Negotiation Helpers
Mention you are looking to build your list ASAP, and looking to buy in larger quantities once your first test is complete.
Suggest you will be looking into monthly deal if the results are good.
Propose to recommend them to your clients and put into your own personal rolodex.
Obviously use above if you’re genuinely willing to do it.

Avoiding Bot & Scam Traffic
Lots of shady stuff is happening out there. You need to be able to protect your list and business from bot traffic.
Try to stick with proven vendors, who have testimonials with sales. Over time you will get more experience on this.
Know your own stats (optins, engagements). Fluctuations are a sign of something weird going on.
95% T1+ for regular price – suspicious.
Normally if optin or engagement is unusually low, and you’re VERY sure something weird is going on, collect some proof and approach the vendor for a refund.

Keep Track of your stats. Update your spreadsheets. Pay attention to maximize your ROI.
Clicks, CPC, OD, extra generated clicks, T1%, Mobile %, optins, extra commissions.
Use tracking spreadsheets
Keep your own personal rolodex of trusted sellers

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