Getting the things you want


Johnny is a hard working family man.

He looking to buy a perfect laptop with a ton of memory and a huge SDD Hard drive.

He found the perfect one that he is always dreaming about, and after discount, the priced is $4900.

His monthly income after tax is 2200. His wife, Ella said to him, you are crazy and if you buy that laptop, I will divorce you.

Johnny asked me what should he do?

I said you have not deserved that laptop.

It is because you don’t even have the courage to fight for it, or at least to make a plan and a calculated risk to acquire the laptop you want.

What else can you accomplish, with this mindset, for all the other things that are going to happen to your life? I said.

He thinks a little bit, and he brought the laptop.

In order to repay the credit card debt, he works day and night with double jobs, and work triple hard to earn the extra income. Finally, he pays off all of the laptop bills in just under a month. His wife didn’t leave him because of his craziness in this.

One day Johnny’s wife, Ella, taking him to the car dealership. She said, honey, we can get a loan and buy this Lexus Hybrid.

Johnny was totally shocked and scared to death, as he thought they are just taking a look, but now Ella might have gone mad.

Long story short, in approximately 1 year and 2 months later, they pay off the Lexus loan together.

I will say if you don’t even have the courage or motivation to fight for the thing you want or the one you love, you default to be a failure.

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