Flabby list building secrets

I heard about a crazy beach in Canada where the guys are either really ripped or really flabby.

Half the guys look like John Cena.

Half look like Jack Black.


There’s a crazy steroid fad sweeping through that “meat market” beach. Guys take it because it gets you really ripped in no time. BUT. As soon as you stop taking the steroid… all the “muscle” turns to water. And you get super flabby.

Made me think of how rookies build their list.

They just want it big.

They don’t care about quality.

10,000 subscribers look great on a screenshot, but it doesn’t help your bank account.

Hell, such watery list barely gets opens and clicks.

At the end of the day, a small quality list built using my new traffic source produces more sales with fewer clicks.

The secret?

It consists of real people who are genuinely interested in business opportunities.

It’s not some fake bot traffic that inflates list size out of proportion for visibility.

Details here

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