Email Marketing Is a reciprocal

Email Marketing Is a re·cip·ro·cal


I want to share with you about reciprocal. According to Google dictionary, it is to “given, felt, or done in return.”

Why would I’d like to talk about that today? Because I found that it is a key to success in the email marketing or any endeavor of our life.

What is the important about that reciprocal? It is a formula to a great communication like an engine to the great automobile.

Imagine, at first I receive a response from a subscriber that she wants to earn an extra income for the kids and has no knowledge of doing it and ask me for a guidance.

Therefore, I do my best to research and provide the value, or information about the subject topic, and that is a Give. After I research on, for example, the business opportunity topic and write it down and email out to her, she will receive the email. If she would appreciate the information, then she will open it and read it. That is a simple process of a reciprocal. The sender provides information and receivers appreciate and read the message.

That said if the email marketing is also a reciprocal process; then the email marketing is not an email blast anymore. There are software, web service etc that designed for email blast but most of time, it won’t work for today’s marketing. Why? Because there is no reciprocal in an email blast. The sender barely and never provides any values information, and the receiver barely wants to appreciate that and sometimes even report it as a Spam email. That’s why email blast won’t work now-a-day.

Therefore the key to success within the online marketing is to care about other and making a connection; instead of trying to send the robotic like message to a bunch of faceless people.

To say that, I admit that I made a mistake on many of my previous newsletters. I don’t feel like I provide enough value to my subscribers that’s you. That’s why I want to start to do the right thing and write the message that will benefit to people like you.

Life is about giving says in many wisdom books, and I believe that. I know we are not perfect people and sometimes we ignore that basic principle of giving. But the path to the glorious end of life at the final journal is not always through a smooth freeway. There are road blocks and unexpected things happening all the time. The key is to keep on the right direction and moving forward fearless is unselfishness giving, and you will reach your destination either you want it or not by following this basic principle.

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Happy reading!

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