The most effective way to boost your business


The most effective way to boost your business

Boost landing page conversion rate can be one of the most effective ways to boost your business.

Many marketers stuck in their campaign. They complain about the low opt-in rate and lack of interaction with their subscribers.

I think the root cause for low opt-in rate or lack of the subscription is because we never split test our landing page/squeeze pages.

That’s why the many online businesses or even brick and motar business allocate most of their marketing time and budget today on perfecting their landing pages and analyze the converstion rate.

What is split testing?

It is also referred to as version A/B testing that allows marketers to compare two different landing page web sites and to determine which performs better with higher opt-in or better conversion rate.

The best way to test it is that there will be two type of landing pages created or an identical landing page but two different title text on each page. At least having 1 difference feature between two landing page is what you need.

For example, you want to test of different headline would bring a better result.  You want the rest of them to be the same. In that case, you can just keep the images, sub-title, layout, and color same and only change the title/headline text. 

Based on above example, since that is the only difference, in the head line, so you will know which head line is better after the testing.

Many ESP (Email Service Provider) also provides split testing function. Some software companies also provide you the ability to do that. 

However, you can easlily do that yourself in the wordpress.

You can install the pretty link plugins and use the pretty link to track how many clicks you received on each landing page.

You can see how I do it in this video:

Please let me know if you have any quesitons. Contact me at ‘paulfannet’  –  Skype if you need help.

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Paul Fan

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