Donald Trump School of Marketing

Wanna know what still amazes me about “The Donald”?

He actually ran for president back in 2000.

He was knocked out of the race early on.


If you ask me, and I’m not some political analyst or anything, his timing was off.

He’s got a great message.

It’s just he tried to pitch it at the wrong time.

America wasn’t ready for it 16 years ago.

Today, though, it’s a totally different America out there.

The American people feel like the country has fallen behind. And the Donald has been riding their frustration straight towards the oval office.

Exact same message.

Exact same pitch.

Exact same guy.

All thanks to perfect timing.

What’s the perfect time to sell biz opps?

It’s when your prospect is most frustrated with her life. It’s when she’s most receptive. It’s when she’s most open to have a talk about trying a different way of earning a great living.

This new traffic source is chockfull of frustrated prospects

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