Domino’s Pizza School of Solo Ads

Domino’s was the first Pizza joint ever to put it’s money where it mouth was with an outrageous (at the time) guarantee which states:

“Fresh hot pizza delivered right to your door in 30 minutes or less or it’s free.”


I know.

But it paid off.

Domino’s grew into a 10,000,000,000 (that’s ten billion) company.

2 great lessons here for you, champ:

First, promoting products (replace Pizza with a business opportunity, information product or even coaching) with a performance money back guarantee makes it easier for the prospect to buy from you. Sure, there’s a risk of actually having to give the customer their money back, but it’s nothing compared to all the extra business you’ll generate.

Second, don’t buy traffic without a Domino’s style performance guarantee.


Because if Domino’s could come up with a performance promise for something as delicate as Pizza, all service providers should follow.

Especially, traffic agencies.

But thing is, few traffic agencies believe in their own traffic.

They put the risk squarely on your shoulders, because they know they can’t deliver jack.

How do I know?

If they weren’t phonies, they’d give you a guarantee, Domino’s style, like we do.

Our traffic performance guarantee proudly states: “Fresh hot leads with 30% opt-in rate or more or you don’t pay.”

Details here


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