Create your own Imaginary dreamed customers

Create your own Imaginary dreamed customers:

You might not have any customer at this time, but I want you to have an imaginary customer before you have the first subscriber.

You must first have an imaginary client a male and a female and how they look, (I am serious about this, not joking) and high, weight and go to and search some name that you like and find their picture. When you like them, just copy and paste to your word document and save to the desktop that you can see every day or better, printed them out and post on your wall. If you don’t want your spouse to think you are crazy, please just save it in the word and look at them twice a day with another item you want in a dream board until you have 10,000 customers okay?

AcceptWhy do we create an imaginary client? Is this is some law of attracting mumbo jumbo thing? No, it is not, but trust me, I have been doing the law of attraction about my primary home since last year, and I have moved from 1100sf house to 3650sf mac mansion in just eight months. I will not say that it is just a co-incident. I use to have all different customers that contact me for how to setup the website and how to debug an error code and that drive my life crazy. I also try to please that customer, who is tough to please and drain all of my daily energy on them only and couldn’t do for others. This has destroyed your schedule and make your daily tasks unaccomplished, you often feel like you want to fire yourself from doing this anymore, but you cannot because it is your own business. Therefore, if you want to have a good customer, then you must do this imagination practice as follows:

Print their picture from Google search engine until you find two customers image you like. I want to think about how you can help them to reach their goal. This should be the occupied in your mind when you are providing service to your subscribers. No other though can attract better subscribers than this technique. Remember, don’t just think how much you are going to make from this customer, but also think and imagine how can you serve them and how to achieve your critical business success. Creating a solution to subscribers’ pain and automating your Internet business should be key things you want to focus.

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