How to Create your very first Welcome Email?

How to Create your very first Welcome Email?

A welcome email is the one that you should rewrite and retest all the time to make sure it has the highest opening rate. The more you do the better it gets. You want to add your welcome email in the automatic response after the user subscribes to your landing page.

Welcome email getting average higher opening rate than other emails so you want to make sure it is good. There are 3 major key points that you want to write in your welcome email:

1. Thank and welcome your new subscribers and let your subscriber know what content they will receive and get them excited about it
2. Deliver the incentive or additional signup form if any
3. Ask your subscriber to whitelist your from email address because it will improve email deliverability

Here is the example: 



Thanks for signing up for updates from [insert the name of your business or blog].

Now that you’re in, here’s what you can expect in your inbox.

You’ll get [insert email send cadence, such as daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly] updates with

the latest [insert content types, such as blog posts or news] from [insert the name of your

business or blog]. You’ll also get the exclusive [insert bonus they might receive]!

To ensure you never miss an email from us, be sure to whitelist our email address [insert

hyperlink with instructions on how to do this] by adding us to your address book!

[Insert the ‘from’ email address or the name of your business or blog] am/is [insert who you are and what you do]. If you

have any questions or feedback, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can contact me here: [insert your contact information].

Best Regards,

[Insert your signature]

The initiative power of creating a welcome email is important. Just like everything, you want to know your outcome first, then taking action by deciding to do so. Then you can check to see what you’re getting from your result, then take adjusted action until it gets better and better.

If you don’t know which auto response to use, you can contact me through skype at ‘paulfannet’ email at ‘’ or watch my other videos. 

Here is the action plan you want to do:

1. List all the benefits of being subscribed to your newsletter, another word, tell them what they will get out of being on your list?
2. Use the template provided above to fill our your information and copy paste to your autoresponder

If you lack of product to promote, here is a good one. 

Next newsletter, I explain how to get more people to open your emails.

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