CPA – Exit Pop – Affliates – Q and A – Day 39 Of 90 Day Out Of Rat Race

CPA –  Exit Pop –  Affliates – Q and A  – Day 39 Of 90 Day Out Of Rat Race


Q 1:  Do you recommend I promote any CPL or CPA offer at the Thank you page (between the Opt-in and Sales page) to recruit some of the solo cost? The reason I asked that is because I do a research about this, and some online markers like inbox-blueprint teach this way to generate income per click to offset some of the traffic cost. I just don’t know if I have the main product to promote (Digital Altitude or PLS), do I still able to put CPL or CPA offer in between at the Thank you page? Would that distract the visitor to see the sales page? Some said the CPL offer only require the user to enter the postal zip code and make $1 for that, is that true?


Q 2: Do you recommend the exit pop up for the opt-in page as part of the funnel? In many YouTube training videos, they said they would create an opt-in Exit Popup that redirects the visitor to another website. So if the visitor decides not to opt-in and leave, they will be redirected to another site or product.  I know the digital altitude sales page has exit popup, but I am not sure if we can setup an exit popup for the opt-in page? Currently, the website has an exit popup, but it is just to confirm if you want to stay or leave, but nothing else. It doesn’t give the visitor an option to choose a different opt-in. I try to build the list and since I can provide different affiliate product, isn’t it a good idea to have that implement in the opt-in? How did you do that in your own campaign? Igor’s video has something that if someone sees the opt-in page and don’t like it before they exit, there will be a pop up for the alternative offer to avoid people leaving for good. Do you think I should do that too?

Q 3: What type of affiliate product do you normally promote? Do you just promote the product in Click Bank, Warrior Forum? Do you think in my current budget and situation, I would be able to earn some money in 3 months? How do you get to start? Are you starting with the tons of money or from scratch? The DA coach says the fast way to get out of the rat race and be rich is to be in All positions in the DA product and make big commission, then just focus on the traffic, but, other people say promote low-cost click bank affiliate products first, then the medium and high cost product later.


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